Refrigerator Preserves

A delicious jam which is fresh tasting and not too sweet, just the way I like it.

You can certainly add more sugar if you prefer a sweeter jam.

1 quart berries

1 to 1 1/2 cups sugar

1 teaspoon lemon juice

It's a wonderful way to preserve an excess of fresh berries.

So simple to make, too:

Rinse the berries very well and remove hulls (quarter strawberries.)

If you are using another kind of berry leave them whole.

Place the berries and sugar in an enamel (or other non-reactive) pot. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, skim and remove foam that accumulates and discard.

Reduce heat and add lemon juice.

Allow to simmer for about 7 to 8 minutes, stirring frequently.

Using a slotted spoon, remove fruit to a clean small jar (or jars). Continue simmering juice, allowing it to reduce by about half, then pour over berries in the jar/jars dividing evenly if using more than one jar.

Allow to cool, cover and keep refrigerated.

This will keep about 3 weeks if kept covered and refrigerated. For longer storage it may be frozen. In that case use canning (or freezer safe) containers. This also makes a wonderful topping for ice cream, pancakes, waffles, or a simple cake such as a pound cake or Angel Food cake.


  1. I love fresh berries..I didn't make any jams this year..
    Your photos make me want to:)

    I love the jam server and the conserve pot..So cute..
    You really should have a magazine..or book.


  2. looks like monique and i think alike, i too love your server. looks very english to me~

  3. Looks perfect! I made a lot of strawberry jam for DH, 24 pounds worth! I was much to tied to take a pretty picture! ;-) Glad I know where to find you!


  4. I meant tired... that's what I get for not previewing!

  5. I love you blog and will come back to visit again and again. Everything looks so delicious, keep up the great work.

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

    Jayne, TWENTY-FOUR Pounds? *thud* You astound me in so many (wonderful) ways! :)

    *waving* Hey Janine, it's great to see you here my friend!


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