Parmesan-Chive Pizzelles

Pizzelles are thin, crisp Italian cookies, traditionally served around Christmas or Easter, and often served at weddings.
Pizzelles can be made in a traditional pizzelle maker, or an electric version of the stove-top version. The one I use is electric, made by VillaWare.

This is a savory version, tender and delicate, yet crisp and buttery with a salty kick from the Parmesean cheese with a very faint hint of onion from the snipped chives.
Infinitely more tasty than a plain cracker, I always try to keep some on hand in the freezer. Because they are made two at a time, baking a batch takes practically no time at all.
Absolutely delicious, pretty, and easy to make.

Parmesan Chive Pizzelles
3 large Eggs
1/2 cup Butter or margarine, melted (I always use butter)
1 cup Flour, all-purpose
1/4 cup Cheese, parmesan, grated
2 teaspoons Baking powder
3 Tablespoons
Chives, finely snipped (Or snip up any herb that will compliment your menu)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon or so freshly ground pepper

A dash or two of cayenne pepper if you like. (I omit.)

Melt butter and allow to cool.
In medium bowl, whisk eggs until smooth then whisk in melted, cooled butter.
Stir in remaining ingredients until blended.
Drop batter on to pizzelle iron and cook, according to manufacturer's directions. Cool on racks as they are finished baking to allow them to cool.
I like them best when freshly made, however Pizzelles can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container up to one week, or frozen for longer storage.
If refrigerated: Just prior to serving, preheat oven to 250 degrees (F). Place pizzelles on a rack/grid within a shallow pan, such as a quarter sheet pan, place in the preheated oven and allow to crisp up for a few minutes.
To Freeze: Pizzelles may be frozen for later. To freeze, arrange the cooled pizzelles, with a little space around each (so they are not touching) in a single layer on a parchment, foil or waxed paper lined sheet pan. Place in the freezer for about 20 to 30 minutes until frozen, Once frozen, remove from pan, layer them with parchment or wax paper between layers, in a rigid air tight container in the freezer to avoid breakage.
When time to serve, preheat oven to 250 degrees (F).
Place the pizzelles in a single layer on a rack in a shallow baking pan and heat until re-crisped to your liking. Watch carefully as once crisped in the oven; they will bake from "perfect" to PERFECTLY burned in a matter of moments.
These are delightful served alone or as part of as an appetizer plate of fruit or cheese, and a cold beverage.
My favorite way to serve them is as an accompaniment to soup and salad.


  1. Probably a really dumb question but is there any way to make pizzelles w/o a pizzelle maker? I'm guessing there's not but I just had to ask because I'd love to try and make these... they look great.

    Have a delicious day!

  2. I made pizelles once w/ a friend who owns a machine,I am always tempted to buy one.. Just because I love the look :) apart from the taste.I have only ever made sweet ones.
    Your post is beautiful.

  3. Hi em and Monique~ Thank you both for your comments.

    em, *sigh*, yes I think you would need some kind of pizzelle maker, either electric or an 'iron' mold to make them on the stovetop.

    Monique, I wish both you and em lived closer, we could share this pizzelle maker. I really don't use it often enough to warrant 'owning' one. That is the very reason I went searching for savory recipes for the machine; to expand it's use.

  4. I just looked online and really they're not all that expensive! Hmmm... I'm tempted ;-)

  5. little food art, fantastic visuals, thanks!

  6. em, It's true, they are not expensive, and if you don't want the electric model, I believe
    may carry the stove-top kind. If you need more reason to purchase a pizzelle maker, you can also roll the pizzelles, while they are still warm, around a horn mold, or cylinder mold(or shape them over a small custard dish or ramekin), allow them to cool and fill with ice cream (mini-ice cream cones !)Or fill with whipped cream, or whatever your heart desires. (Yep, I'm an enabler..*grin*)

    Thank you for your kind words anonymous! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. The ideas! They're just so inspiring. I have to find a Pizzelle maker... right away!!!

    Have a delicious day :)

  8. em, did you cave in and get one yet? :) I'm considering the 3-waffle smaller size you told me about. Like I NEED another pizzelle maker...

  9. I have one, and want to make your recipe. What would you spread on them if served as an hor'd??

  10. Kathleen, whatever you spread them with would have to be rather soft because they are rich and delicately-crispy (they are rather fragile.) Maybe some whipped-up-and-thinned-with-cream or-milk flavored cream cheese? I'm thinking maybe a mild sundried tomato spread? Or you could leave the chives out and do some kind of a creamy pesto... hmmm, I'll try to think about other suggestions.

    Whenever I've served them as an appy I just put them on a plate or platter and serve with olives, cheese, or crudite ---> (Those pesky vegetables again.) You might find that you like these just plain.

    One more idea ~ Does your "pizzeller" (lol) produce 4-inch diameter pizzelles? Or 3-inch?

    Em was telling me about the machine that makes three 3-inch pizzelles at a time, I was thinking that would make NEAT sandwich style cookies or savory filled pizzelles.

    Mine makes the 4-inch size~ they wouldn't be as dainty. :)

  11. Our sweet Mary is a star.......
    Congrats on your Food Gawker appearances. I knew it was only a matter of time! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful as always.

  12. Savory pizzelles are such a great idea! The Italian side of my family has always made pizzelle but the only variation I have ever made was chocolate. I will have to give these a try!

  13. Looks great Mari. Now all I need is a pizzelle maker.

  14. You've just reminded me that I've had a pizzelle maker sitting in my cabinet for several YEARS and I've never used it!! I didn't quite know what pizzelles were when I received it as a gift. I know, I know - should have been more curious! Well, better late than never - parmesan and chives sound like great flavors to start with!

  15. Wow,
    Im so impressed by your photos, really professional!!!
    Those Pizzelles must be delicious and they look so cute!!!
    I love your site!!! COngrats!!!

  16. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment everyone!

    Nice to see you here Giovanna (one of my favorite names.)

    :) hugs.


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