Salmon Baked in Parchment Paper

For many years I used a recipe for Fish Baked in Parchment which was much more complicated, but honestly for the slight difference in flavor I like the simple version.

You can serve this with a beurre blanc sauce to drizzle over, but I didn't this time... although if I had a lemon in the house I would have given a squeeze of juice.

For those of you who have baked using this method, you know how easy it is. This is great for a dinner party, too; making one envelope for each diner. They can be assembled up to one day in advance, refrigerated, then baked all at once when you're ready to serve. You must add a few minutes to the baking time if baking cold from the fridge.

The packets are fun to make in heart shapes, too. The fish always comes out so moist, flavorful and succulent, as long as you don't over bake. The sure way to make sure the fish is cooked properly is to open one to test, allow for carry-over cooking time after removing from the oven.

To begin, take a sheet of parchment paper, fold in half. Smear a little butter on one half, then place thinly sliced or julienned veggies on it.

This time I used minced shallots, julienned leek, carrot & zucchini slices. (I briefly sauteed these in a little mix of olive oil & butter with salt & pepper). Also a couple of slices of Roma tomato & red bell pepper slivers (both uncooked), I chose thyme for the herb.

It's important that the vegetables be on the bottom of the fish, and not cover the top.
Add a generous knob of softened butter on top, salt and pepper, then close the packet up by doing pinch pleat folds, starting at one side; working to the other.

If you fold tightly, and make small pleats, the packet will stay sealed. However, you may use metal paper clips or staples in a couple of places to assist, but be CERTAIN to remove them before plating.

Place on baking sheet & bake in preheated 400* for 10 to 15 minutes or so, depending upon the thickness of your fish. Serve each diner a packet, you can cut it open for them --- but part of the enjoyment is allowing each diner to open it themselves. Be careful of the steam when the parchment is pierced.

You can use almost any kind of fish that you like, and vary the vegetables, seasonings & herbs. I've done them before with the addition baby (or small) potato slices, tiny onions, baby carrots, and also cajun , or creole seasonings, etc.

One of my favorite ways of preparing fish.


  1. looks delish and simple, my 2 favorite things!

  2. We had fish last night..Shoulda woulda coulda:)
    It's such a nice way to serve fish,you're absolutely right..



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