Postcard ~ Roses from the Garden

Rosa "Iceberg" ~ Floribunda Rose
I have three of these rosebushes planted at the front of my house,
in my climate these are the first roses to blossom each season.
A prolific, continuous bloomer from early spring throughout the summer and into autumn.
The pure white blooms are set off by deep green, shiny foliage
and posess a strong honey-like fragrance.
If you're looking for a terrific, non-fussy performer (and if you like white roses),
I think you'll be pleased with "Iceberg".


  1. Mary..yet another little vase that looks surprisingly like a pot I have from my mom..Don't you love those blue and white stripes?

    The roses look gorgeous in it..
    My gardens are nearing their end of fancy:(

    All I can say is thank goodness for Hydrangeas here..
    That's the white in my watercolor canvas of a home here right now:)

  2. i love iceberg, its a true garden workhorse, i have blooms year round~

  3. Oh so pretty! Perfection!



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