Mini Hamburgers

More of the little things ... Mini-Hamburgers, or "Sliders"!

These are easy to manage party-munchies, and most kids love them, too.
You don't need any special equipment to make them ~

But I love my gadgets. :)

The bun pan is manufactured by Chicago Metalic, available at King Arthur Flour.
The mini-hamburger press is exclusive to

The ground meat of your choice is rolled into balls, about 1 1/2-ounces to 2-ounces each in weight.
Line the bottom of the hamburger press with plastic film (to facilitate removal of the patties).

Season however you like; I used Grill Mates "Montreal" Seasoning.
It's very good and convenient.

The press is not necessary, but it's fun and fast to make them; four at a time.

Then just put them on the hot grill ~

And let them sizzle. Mmm... Smells so good!

Flip once until done the way you like them.
And serve on mini-buns (I like them toasted), with any of your favorite condiments:
I kept them simple this time, just mayonnaise on some, and Dijon mustard on others.

Each topped with a tomato slice. But you could add cheese, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, or anthing you like.

And in keeping with the 'mini' theme, tiny cornichon pickles.



  1. Dear Mary..I just made these again this week for friends:)

    How I wish I had known about your special accoutrements:)

    I applaud your resourcefulness:)
    You find amazing little things..
    This is a perfect post again:)

  2. dear mary, you are getting costly... i cannot keep up with you! the first time i had these was in carmel, kobe sliders, with frech fries in a cone holder. i snapped a pic and since then monique has been making these darling things. and now you too with your fancy gadgets! i need winter to cook again, you are making me antsy!

  3. I have the Wm Sonoma press, but for reg size burgers. I will keep my eyes open in the outlet for the other. Never pay full price is my motto!

  4. Mary, I just found a mini burger press in Linensnthings, with the 20 off coupon it came to 11 something. I am the anon above, forgot to sign my name! I compared it to my WM Sonoma, and it does the job!!
    The plastic wrap is the key!!!

  5. Oh, those are just the cutest little things!


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