Hand Painted Cookies ~ Part 2

My message board buddies have already seen these. so they are nothing new for many.
Waving "Hello" to my current message board pals and new friends, too.
Thank you for following along, particularly to those of you who leave comments and emails~
they are always welcome!

It may take a bit, but I try to answer each of your comments.
And of course I'll always answer emails, usually within 24 hours. :)

I'm cleaning out some of the Spring & Summer photos to make room for Autumn so
I'm parking them here. :) I hope you enjoy.

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge.)

They really are enjoyable to make, and not difficult as there are no rules, just let your imagination (or the shape of the cookie cutter) guide you.

I usually pick a theme and just go from there, this time it was Spring & Summer.

With a decided G*A*R*D*E*N theme.

It's a terrific way to spend some time on a rainy day.

If you would like to have the recipe and find out about the technique,

they are listed in an earlier post; here's the link:


  1. i was traveling when you did this batch, i love even more then the first, which is almost impossible! the detail is impeccable!

  2. So they are nothing new?:)(*
    Mary.. they must seem new cause all of a sudden I need more cookie cutters:)
    Truly one of your best ever posts if that's possible these cookies..

    Plse send to Food Gawker's easy..then more would see!!!

  3. These are unbelievably beautiful. Your talent is endless.

  4. Mary ~ This is Julie from the "old" food board and your ex-exchange partner. Beautiful blog and these cookies, oh my!! Do you dip them in regular royal icing? Approximately how thick? I have the bee and bee hive set. I see a weekend project ahead!

  5. Hi! Jain, Monique, Greg and Julie ~ Thank you so much.

    Jain, I would have rather been touring the world with you than painting sugar cookies. :) I enjoyed your magnificent photos so much. You KNOW how to travel!

    Monique, same ones. You are so sweet to suggest Food Gawker... maybe someday! If anyone, YOU should submit your photos ~ you are the artist. Everything you do is magical, it's true.

    Greg, thank you for such high praise. I had no idea you have THREE blogs going! I must spend some more time catching up on them. Your sushi is PERFECTION, I want to grab right into the screen to sample. :)

    Hey there Julie!! So GOOD to see you, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    You will have a ball making these. The Royal Icing should be a bit thicker than the consistency of very heavy cream, more like crepe batter. You'll want to dip them hours before painting, I usually dip them the day before I paint to assure they are completely set up. Go ahead & email me if you have any questions. The Bees & Hives are a great place to start, they are quick and easy to decorate. I hope you'll send me photos of your cookies, too. I'd love to see them. :)

  6. Thank you SO much for your sweet comment Clarice. That is high praise. :)

    I enjoy your blog very, very much! ~m.


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