Postcard ~ From the Garden

Looking North at the end of the driveway Sunset.
The smoke from the Northern California fires obliterates the view of all but the first set of mountain ridges in the distance.
(Click photo to enlarge.)
It's been such a rough year for fires in both California and Oregon,
and we share the residual smoke.


  1. I had never seen this vista Mary..You have borrowed landscape too!

    Very beautiful and serene...

  2. so pretty, why have your hidden this from us! what is the orchard, are they walnut trees? i love wide open spaces, my heart yearns for them...

  3. Beautiful postcard, Mary! Love stopping by for a visit, something different every day!

  4. Thank you, ladies!

    It's true, you own the view (if not the property) :) This is at the edge of the property, just a short walk. I love to see the changes throughout the year, I'll try to post more, from the same spot, as the seasons pass.

    Jain, I'm not sure what the trees are ~ two times while hiking to the river along the edge of that property I've encountered a bull, (not penned, and not friendly), he is VERY protective of his cows. What a RUSH! Oy.

    I'll try to find out from the caretaker.


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