Late Summer Greek-style Salad

In late summer the tomatoes are so sweet and juicy, but the cooler evening temperatures are a reminder that fall is just around the corner.

It makes me realize how much I'll miss these warm weather jewels.

Sometimes I just like to serve them simply; sliced with a drizzle of olive oil and red wine vinegar, with a twist of salt and freshly ground pepper.

Sweet home-grown tomatoes and home-grown cukes from my kind neighbors ~ a few cubes of Feta cheese, quartered Kalamata olives, and a shower of crushed pink pepper corns makes me extra happy. :)

The first bite reminds me, one more time of why I love summer!


  1. Tomatoes ARE one the best tastes of summer..You are so right..This salad looks great too:)

    We are having your Orecchiette w/ sausage tonight:)

  2. simple, exquisite, and mouth watering...

  3. Thank you! I'm eating my fill, these salads will be but a memory in a month or two. :(


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