Postcard ~ Roses from the Garden

Rosa ~ Queen Elizabeth


  1. Perfectly beautiful!


  2. Yesterday I drove by one of my favorite homes on the water..the owner is in his 80's and does all his gardening himself..
    The water was blue blue.. in the background.. And he was kneeling by his rose garden..bent over..he's very slight of build w/ white hair.. w/ a blue hat..pruning what looked to be at least one QE:) The sight was so beautiful to me..I wish I had my camera.. stopped and asked him for his pic..

    He is a gardening role model for me.

    Your photo jumped out at me and reminded me of yesterday.You took the pic:)

  3. beautiful, moniques story, marys flower....

  4. Hello Jayne!

    Jain I so agree about Monique's gift of sharing, in so many ways. (And YOU, too.)

    Monique, You painted such a lovely picture with words ~ the details ~ I can visualize what a beautiful sight that must have been. Thank you for sharing it.


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