August Garden Party

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Earlier this month a group of us gardening enthusiasts, internet pals from across the US and Canada, gathered to have virtual/real Garden Parties simultaneously. Despite the poor weather in the east (on both sides of the border) it was great fun to see the beautiful creativity each member had to offer. The food, gardens, and themes were imaginatively festive and diverse, even the ones that were forced indoors because of the weather. Good sports!

Unfortunately, by August my blooming gardens are starting to wane. Only a few roses, day lilies, clematis, and shrubs in the hummingbird and butterfly gardens are still blooming, so...

I decided to set up the buffet table for my small party(four of us) on the cool grass in a grove of Douglas Firs, with the mature rhododendrons and azaleas providing a verdant green backdrop. The trees offered welcome shade during the late afternoon gathering.

A seafood buffet seemed appealing, so I planned the menu around that theme ~

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I'll be posting some of the recipes in the upcoming days in case anyone would like them.
I recommend the White Gazpacho, which is available here in the archives.

~ a fairy sighting in the tabletop topiary!

I failed to catch a photo of dessert ~ but here's another sweet ending.
After all of that rich food breakfast the next morning:
Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves ~ I wish you could have been here, too!


  1. The presentation is stunning. Simply beautiful.

    Have a delicious day :)

  2. You know Mary..I cannot believe how we have lucked out w/ you and your blog.
    I hope you love doing this forever and that we can see it forever.
    Everyday is a gift.
    I love cooking and baking ..and seeing pretty ideas..

    I am sure I speak for everyone..
    So Happy w/ OUAP~

  3. Beautiful, Mary! Is there a link to pictures of the other people who participated in the virtual party?

    Where do I find the recipe for the orange dipping sauce?


  4. everything is well thought out to the tiny details. the joy is in details...

  5. I am still lusting over your garden party...let's plan on doing another in 2009.


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