New Peeps ~ The Next Generation!

The chicken population is growing at my house. :)

I've shared about my chickens before, back in 2010 ~ from the very beginning of the construction of the Hen House and the completed project.  

And introduced some of the chickens here and here and here.

Those hens have been good girls and steady layers ~ we've added on to the original chicken coop and pen since then so it's time to rejuvenate things a bit.

This time I chose more Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and Americaunas (the ones that lay blue or green eggs.)

It's always so much fun to watch them grow ~ I hope you enjoy these pictures of the most recent additions to the flock:

A befuddling impostor! 

 These pictures are all Buff Orpinton chicks ~ 

When fully mature the hens look like this:

Photo courtesy of Backyard Chickens

And the hens will weigh about 8 pounds, it is a very good natured breed, excellent laying hens, the hens are good nurturing mothers, and they are surely right up there among my favorites chickens.

I'll post more of the other newbies soon.

Thank you for stopping by ! Have a happy weekend Friends! 
xoxo ~m


  1. you little Buffy!!!!

  2. Such adorable little babies! I love little chicks. I'd dare say you had fun taking pictures of them.

  3. Oh my goodness! I have never seen something so sweet! How did you get all of those little peeps to cooperate!

    I would LOVE to have a chicken coop! Do you have problems with preditors?

    ADORABLE post!

  4. Mari, these are stunning photos of your little chicks. Oh my gosh, these made me smile. Beautiful.

    I have the pleasure of a co-worker who raises chickens and I benefit from the delicious eggs, There is no comparison of a fresh egg to a store bought.

    Would you mind if I used one for my Wordless Wednesday photo?

    Have a great weekend.

  5. So, so, so cute! Sitting in a hospital room with my daughter who was just readmitted for preclampsia and very high blood pressure. We all enjoyed seeing these adorable photos!

  6. I'm DYING over here - they are all sooooooo cute! And the way you've put them in baskets, and the tiny wheel barrow, and the little carriage - oh my! I have to say though, the 2nd photo absolutely took my breath away - I've always loved baby chicks, but that photo is beyond perfection. The fuzzy little white chick standing on one side, and the others all looking at her from the other side is just phenomenal. I'm in awe!!!

  7. That does it! I am booking a flight to meet your chicks since they are soooo darn cute. Give them many xxoo from me!

  8. I love, love, love chickens! These pictures are to cute for words. They belong on Hallmark cards! So darling.

  9. Oh Mari, I am so glad that you shared about your chicks. I would love to have chickens, there is nothing better than fresh eggs. There is a Dr. who lives about four houses down from me but has a lot of property and we are in the city but he did have some chickens and had a rooster. I loved hearing that rooster crow. I think he had problems with hawks so he built some chicken wire over the coop and area that they roamed. I drove by the other day and didn't see any of the chickens. It made me so sad, we also have some fox in our area and I can only guess as to why he no longer has his chickens. I miss that rooster crowing.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the peeps are adorable but I do know that there is a lot of work that goes along with that.


  10. You are killing me with these!!! So cute, I had to pin them on my Pinterest.

  11. What an adorable brood you have there. Love the way you photographed them...and the photos are beautiful. I'd love to have chickens, but don't have enought time to take care of them. My neighbors have thenm and it's fun to listen to their clucking. Thanks for sharing...I'm still smiling!

  12. Cuteness overload! How I wish I could have my own chickens. There's nothing like farm fresh eggs.

  13. Mari, these images are precious. I just began Pinterest and added a few of these to my Animal Board.

  14. Sooooo Cute!!!! I love the photo - A befuddling Impostor.

  15. How Precious!!! I'm showing these to Ms. C.!!!! I know she's going to want some. LOL

  16. Peeps Love! In the wheelbarrow and baby carriage! I laughed out loud seeing that chick's head turned inspecting that poser with the fly away hair~ Thanks for the smiles this morning :)

  17. Oh my, these are wonderful, sweet photos! So well done. The props are so cute and love the little chicks in them. Very cooperative little group!!

  18. These are just too cute for words!

  19. Darling darling photos. I'm going to show them to my family. I love the 2nd one with the fluffy visitor and being inspected by some of the others. Absolutely too too cute.

  20. Oh, what precious chicks! Your photos made me smile this morning~

  21. As a fellow chicken keeper, my hat is off to you for capturing such adorable shots ! I know that photographing chicks is very very difficult. Cute blog post !

    Fresh Eggs Daily

  22. Thank you SO much for your generous compliments, friends! I love reading each one. xo

  23. This is just adorable!!! The "imposter" pic is hilarious! LOVE the little carriage too. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! XO, Pinky

  24. Hi Mari
    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes for Vicky, I know she will appreciate them :o)
    Have a great weekend!
    Rose H

  25. SSooooo cuuuuutttteeee!!! I'm saving this post to show our babies! Thanks for sharing, and your photography is wonderful!

  26. Une très jolie petite famille... merci pour ce merveilleux partage photographique.
    gros bisous

  27. So sweet and precious! Loved every photo. Thank you for the smiles you brought to me.

  28. Those are just about the sweetest little things I have ever seen! I love your pics sweet friend!
    Just glorious! Enjoy them!
    L~ xo


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