Mediterranean Appetizer Skewers

When it is too hot to cook, or you are simply looking for a quick appetizer, snack or accompaniment for a simple meal you might consider these healthful skewers.

Of course they can be adapted to incorporate whatever vegetables, cheeses, or cooked fish, chicken or meat cubes you like. As you can see this time I used Cigilegine (tiny, fresh mozzarella balls), grape tomatoes, pitted Kalamata olives, English cucumber wedges and small basil leaves.

Rather than a heavy dressing, I simply drizzled with a little homemade Basil Oil Drizzle. Balsamic vinegar is a great substitute if you don't have time to make the infused Basil Oil.

Cubed Feta is also very good instead of the fresh Mozzarella...

... and if you like red onion, you may like a single piece or two on each skewer.

Pepperoncinis, caper berries, marinated artichoke hearts,

pickled cocktail onions, mild red cherry peppers...

If you want more protein, rolled slices of proscuitto, cubes of cooked chicken, ham, salami, sausage slices or cooked prawns/shrimp are possibilities as well.

It's fun to come up with different combinations. If you try them, I hope you like them, too!


  1. Oh Mary those would have been fabulous with my solo little grilled lamb chop dinner the other night...
    Your food is so beautiful!

  2. Cute as buttons.. I can taste the freshness from afar~

  3. Very impressive - What a perfect appetizer for company!


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