Grilled Turkey Burgers with Middle Eastern Flavors

If you're looking for a healthy alternative to regular grilled burgers
you might like these, much lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef burgers.
(This is how I used some of the whole wheat pita bread from my previous post.)

The turkey patties are loaded with plenty of flavor; seasoned with cumin, coriander, parsley and mint.

Served atop
whole wheat pita bread and a spicy yogurt based cucumber salad. They lack in nothing, except the fat and calories!

I served them with blistered, pan roasted tomatoes on the vine; a technique I learned from Chef Gordon Ramsey ~ they add the perfect contrast in texture and flavors to this sandwich. Keep them in mind when you're looking for a different, yet simple side dish ~ they go great with fish, chicken, chops or steaks, too.

The recipe is an adaptation from "Fine Cooking" magazine, issue #94. If you would like a printable copy of the recipe, it's located on my alternate blog;

Once Upon a Plate the Recipes (clickable link.)

Thank you for stopping by my blog ~ I'm wishing you a Healthy and Delicious day!
xo ~m.


  1. First I see that fantastic looking pita bread and then...these burgers look so good. Will try. Need to convince the husband that he doesn't need red meat and I think the flavors in this recipe will do it.

  2. Looks good... especially the cucumber salad... going to take a look at the recipe :)

  3. I love those flavors. I'll have to try the patties soon. And the tomatoes - it's become my favorite way to use tomatoes lately. Beautiful photos, Mari.

  4. So often I see great looking food on blogs and I think to myself that someday I'll have to make it. With your blog I almost always do! I have turkey burgers resting in the refrigerator right now and the cucumbers and onions are draining on the counter. :) Thank you for another fabulous recipe.

  5. Mary...those are just the most beautiful turkey burgers I have seen...just gorgeous...

  6. OMG!!! I'm always looking for different recipes for turkey burgers! I think I'm gonna make this on the weekend. I finally subscribed to "Fine Cooking" I have several copies,but I got so sick of Bon Appetit,and Gourmet is hit or miss.
    Every time I pick up a copy of Fine Cooking, there is always something in there that I say, "Hey I was wondering how to do that!"

  7. Those look so flavorful! A great alternative to regular burgers, and a lot healthier, too. Bookmarked! :D

  8. These are the best looking turkey burgers that I've seen- I'm bookmarking these! Yum!

  9. I knew I would love these when I saw them. Grilled them up tonight, oh, so tasty! My family is texture sensitive and so I blended the cucumber sauce and everyone adored it. Also, I am not a pita fan so I served them on toasted Oroweat Sandwich Thins with a big fat slice of juicy tomato and they were just awesome.

  10. Nice recipe for summer--flavorful and light!


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