Fresh Summer Fruit Torte

My mother would often make this Marian Burros recipe using the fruit from our fruit trees ~ Apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears, apples, berries ~ almost any fruit will do. It has been a longtime family favorite since the 80's, it's delicious and is very simple to put together.

Here it is ready for the oven. :)

I've posted the original recipe, and also the changes I've recently made to make it a bit more diabetic friendly. It is not too sweet and the original version can be sucessfully frozen.
My modified version bakes up a little differently; the fruit doesn't sink into the batter, and it's best eaten fresh.

If you would like a printable copy of the original recipe, along with my changes it can be found on my recipe blog by clicking HERE (Once Upon a Plate ~ Recipes.)

If you try either one of these recipes I hope you love this dessert as much as I do.

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Thank you for stopping by, have a healthy and delicious day.


  1. That's a beautiful tart, Mari. I want to try your recipe. It's the perfect season for it!

  2. Mary you wouldn't believe what I just pulled out of the oven.. but then would! Gorgeous Mary!

  3. Your healthy version of a beautiful fruit tart sounds wonderful. I have to pay more attention to ingredients so will rely on you for some very tasty healthy recipes. Fresh fruit is so delicious now. Its a treat all by itself.

  4. Our local wegamans has an amazing summer fruit torte that ive fallen in love with. I'm so glad you posted this looking forward to trying it.

  5. Mari, how do you do it? Always a gorgeous picture and mouth-watering recipe. Amazing!

  6. Mary I love this recipe too...I usually use peaches or nectarines with blueberries...or the original prune plums in the is a wonderful cake that never lets you down!
    Your looks simply gorgeous!

  7. Seasonal fresh fruits are so healthy. From desserts to smoothies as much as you can have, you should. And summer is just the right time.


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