Herbes de Provence Oven Roasted Tomato 'Rose' - Cucumber Bites with Chevre

In striving for a healthier eating pattern, my search for healthier, great tasting appetizers and snacks continues.

The idea for this one came from a newspaper from one of my local health food stores; that version did not form the "roses", simply indicatedto place a piece of the oven-roasted tomato with a scoop of cheese on the cucumber.
I changed it around a bit, and rolled the roasted tomato quarters to resemble rosebuds (very easy to do!)
Again... another way of preparation that doesn't need a formal recipe. Tweak it and spice it up any way you like.

Slice Roma tomatoes into quarters (from stem to blossom end), place tomato quarters on parchment paper, skin side down and drizzle with olive oil (it doesn't take much), sprinkle lightly with kosher or sea salt and sprinkle liberally with Herbes de Provence, and any other herb or pepper you like.
Roast in a 325* (F) oven for about 45 minutes to an hour (or until somewhat dehydrated, wrinkled and beginning to brown or char around the edges.) Remove from oven and cool. This part can be made ahead, covered and refrigerated for up to 4 days. (Tomatoes prepared this way are terrific on sandwiches, omelets, pizza, in pasta sauces, etc.)
Slice English, or hot house cucumbers about 1/4 -inch thick crosswise. (I used baby cucumbers this time.)
You can use Chèvre (soft goat cheese), or any soft cheese in this recipe. I used a local goat cheese and blended it with a little "Silk" (tm) Soy Creamer to make it smoother. By all means, use cow's milk, half & half, or cream if you prefer.
I rolled the roasted tomato quarters (from stem end to blossom end), then cut them in half crosswise. You'll see the obvious resemblence of a tiny rose once you cut them, you can tweak it to make it look more like a rose with a tooth pick or wooden skewer.
Assemble as shown with a tiny dollop of the soft cheese and garnish with a tiny bit of fresh green herb if desired.

If you make them, I hope you enjoy this lighter appetizer.

Best wishes for a healthful and delicious day!


  1. That is a perfect appetizer. You are doing a fabulous job with light recipes.

  2. Mari these are gorgeous...this would be perfect for guests!

  3. Beautiful photography! Great little bites. I must give these a try.

  4. That looks amazing It is on my to make list for my next party... Great job!!!

  5. These look wonderful - and cucumbers are ripening at an incredible rate in my garden plot so I'll have to try these.

    I did something similar earlier in the spring when the radishes were new - posted it on my blog


  6. OOOH Mary, they almost look to pretty to eat. Beautiful.

  7. WOW! These look scrumptious! Your little rose romas are truly works of art. Now, if only I could taste one!

  8. Those are almost too pretty to eat, though I think I could manage!

  9. I really love this idea! So fresh and light. Perfect summertime appetizer.

  10. These are such perfectly beautiful little bites!

  11. Those are about the prettiest appetizer I've ever seen.

  12. Looks beautiful and tasty. Depending on your mood, you could also possibly replace the goat cheese with plain greek yogurt (strained even more in cheese cloth to give it a little more substance) for a greek style app.


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