49th Tablescape Thursday ~ July 30, 2009

A HUGE THANKS to sweet Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting the 49th Tablescape Thursday, please click the logo to see the other participants for this week.

I decided to go with a very simple East-West this time. I was going to set up one of the outdoor tables, but the temperatures have been averaging 105 degrees afternoons ~
too HOT for me, so I set it up in the breakfast nook instead. :)

The little 6-inch bamboo steamers are stackable, and can also be used for serving.

Inexpensive bamboo themed flatware.

I've collected these porcelain soup spoons for quite some time in different patterns and colors; they can also be used for small amounts of condiments, seasoned dipping salts and one-bite amuse bouches (~ little appetizer bites.)

I've had these Foo Dogs for over 30 years, I remember clearly the day I bought them; it was a girl's day out with my dear mother for lunch and shopping. I surely cherish those memories of time spent with my mother.

The fragrant lilies are in full bloom right now ~ so I plucked one for the table.
The little bottles hold soy sauce and seasoned rice vinegar.

The tablecloth and napkins are by April Cornell; the mat beneath the Foo Dogs is actually a sushi rolling mat.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day. :)


  1. enjoyed your lovely east/west tablescape...your foo dogs are lovely. i have a pair i bought in china in the 80s and still enjoy them to this day.
    have a lovely rest of the week.

  2. What a fun setting. I'm with you right now in Western Washington and I was happy to have a post in my archives I could use because it's sooooo hot here I couldn't create anything new today :0)
    Happy Tablescaping to you. Keep cool...

  3. This is really pretty - umm - makes me crave some Chinese take out!

  4. What an interesting table! The photo of the flower is exquisite!!!

  5. This was great! So very different and your photographs are fantastic!
    Loved it all!
    All the best,

  6. Lovely tablescape! Your Foo Dogs are fabulous! I love them! I've been searching for a pair for some time; I'v never came across any as detailed and pretty as yours! The ones that I have liked are always many $$$$.

    I love the detail and the colors on your east/west tablescape! Beautiful!


  7. Wowe...that is such a beautiful tablescape. Loved it.

  8. I love your table, but those Foo dogs are gorgeous! I am envious of your lily. I can't seem to grow them! Beautiful post!

  9. I just love your table, I have Oriental things all over my home! I am coveting those foo dogs! Beautiful table! Please stop by to see mine if you can! Pinky:)

  10. Mari..
    Those lilies are stunning.. beautiful table.

  11. Great tablescape! I love the bamboo steamers and the foo dogs.


  12. What a pretty table. I love your colors and special memories.

    Your photographs are unbelievable! They are so clear with every detail noted.

    Great job!

  13. Beautiful, unusual and inspirational tablesetting but I am not surprised. You have a knack for the unique and beautiful things. Your photographs are to be admired as always. I am envious of your photographic eye.


  14. Oh how wonderful!!! Your photos are stunning!!! This talescape is so unique and beautiful!!! I love the Foo Dogs...gorgeous!!!

    Happy TT!!!

  15. I really like this! It is very different! Great job!


  16. That looks like fun...what a great idea! Love everything!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  17. What a wonderful table and how nice to remember a shopping trip with your mom. Enjoy your day.

  18. Having worked in Asia for sometime I really am grateful to see this, very enlightened!

  19. I absolutely love the lily photos. One of my favorite flowers.

  20. I love the meaning of The Foo Dogs for you~


    Very pretty ideas Mary..I like my Bamboo Baskets..The meal always tastes so good:)

  21. Your table is beautiful! Such lovely accesories and the white lily is a simple elegant touch.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  22. Such a clever idea Mari! Your table and your photos are beautiful.

  23. Hello Mari...

    What a lovely table you've set...I love the east-west theme!!! Love your place settings with the stackable bamboo servers...simple yet stunning! The fresh lily is gorgeous and just the right touch for your pretty table! All of your photos are soooo beautiful! You're a talented lady, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful table with us today!

    Have a wonderfully sweet day!

  24. How very very nice...I love this theme...those little steamers are adorable.

  25. I love your Asian-inspired tablescape! The foo dogs are gorgeous. I've been looking for a set for years but all the ones I find are crazy expensive. It's so nice you have them to remind you of a fun day out with your mom.

  26. I really enjoyed looking at your Asian tablescape. Now all we need are pot stickers and shumai....Christine

  27. The Foo dogs look ferocious! Maybe because food is about to be put out! I like your east/west tablescape. And that glass set for the sauces is really neat!

  28. Your table is very, very special. Love all the elements you've brought together so adeptly, and your photographs are fantastic!

    Bye for now,

  29. Love your tablescape! The memories you shared about the Foo Dogs is priceless. Thanks for giving us a glimpse...

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  30. I LOVE this tablescape...all of your details. The quality of your photos is also exuisite!


  31. I love the east and west theme. The foo dogs are what caught my eye first. Such a cute idea with the steamers and the porcelain spoons. This table has a simply elegance in your presentation. Lovely!!!

  32. Well done, this is a fabulous table scape, the yingyang soy/vinegar bottle is a fantastic accessory.

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  33. Awesome! You did such a great job! Your photos look great to!


  34. This tablescape is so unique. Your Foo dogs are wonderful, and I love your porcelain soup spoon. What a gorgeous Lily, and how perfectly beautiful to just lay it on the table. laurie


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