Creamy Brie Soup with Mushrooms

Soup was the theme of yesterday's Darling Bakers group cook-along.

I've been looking forward to this all month ~ a wonderful group of internet friends gathering to share recipes and camaraderie. It's so interesting to see what each member will choose to make, and the presentation is half the fun!

I chose two different soups, the creamy one here and a brothy one just because soup is so popular at my house.

This is the first time I made this particular soup ~ Creamy Brie with Mushrooms.

I found the recipe on The Recipe Link , (you can click the link if you would like to see the recipe.)

I thought it sounded very good when I read over the recipe, but it exceeded my expectations. Oh my goodness, this is a divine soup!

I changed it around just a little by streamlining some unnecessary steps and it was still excellent.

Here are the changes I made:

The roasted garlic would be very good, but I just minced mine and added at the beginning of the reduction. It mellowed out very nicely and played just as a background flavor. I didn't strain the soup, and instead of heavy cream, I added half and half. I also skipped the Buttery Croutons.

An absolutely delicious, creamy soup with a nice Brie flavor. It's already been placed in my permanent file.

If you like Brie, you will really enjoy this soup. I hope you'll try it.


  1. love seeing MORE mary pics! it does look divine, did you try the brie and chile soup too, soooooo good! brie is food from the heavens~ thanks for a great day with the darlings~

  2. Hi Jain~ Thanks again for hosting our party yesterday! You did a great job.

    I haven't tried the other Brie Soup recipe (but I certainly will make it soon!) Wish I could find Rouge et Noir here :( Internet ordering is next best.

    Come on CUPCAKES! lol.

  3. Those double handled lidded bowls..Are incredibly beautiful~
    It was a fun Darling!

  4. The soup looks delicious and I love your dishes!

  5. Mary...not only does the soup look wonderful...but I am so coveting those bowls...they are spectacular...
    especially to a blue and white dish nut like me...
    L ~xoxox

  6. PS Mary..I forgot to tell you I have some of those napkin rings too..
    So similar!

  7. Oh, I love these photos even more than the ones you showed at wfd. The soup looks divine and your blue/white with silver is spectactular!

  8. You're killing me here, Mari! Oh my gosh. SUCH a beautiful presentation - you really should be a food stylist (or maybe you are!) The soup sounds delicious... I made a brie en croute over Christmas... one of my favorite cheeses.

  9. Yes, Mary, Your presentation, wow..those bowls, wow wow!

  10. I do so enjoy brie, so this will go on my to try list!
    Your bowls are beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mari what beautiful photos on this post (all posts of course). I love how you set it all on a pretty tray. So inviting. This soup looks so comforting!

  12. So elegant. I love the sound of that soup too. I'd eat it with gusto, and even hold my pinky up to do it.

  13. This looks so good, Mari. Another brie fan here but I'm not sure if I'm in love more with the soup or the bowls :) What a wonderful collection you have!

  14. Wow that looks so yummy. I especially love the carrots that are cut to look like flowers. Showed them to my husband who does all my slicing & dicing but can't convince him yet to do it that way. Oh well.

  15. My Chloe would love this, thank you xoxox Clarice

  16. Hi Mari,

    Over the weekend, we went out to eat & I enjoyed some delicious portabello mushroom soup with brie. I googled to find a similar recipe & up you came with this year old post! I should have known enough to check out your site first. :-)

    I hope to make this to go with tonight's supper. Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL presentation & for the link to the recipe, as well. I will follow your changes, too.

    gratefully yours,

  17. Hi Mari,
    This looks devine. I must try it. Thanks

  18. me again...I made this soup & it was WONDERFUL!!!

    I posted about it here:

    I'm so glad you explained your changes, as it made it much simpler for me.


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