Pasta Verdure Fresche with Chicken Scallopini

Sometimes in the midst of Winter I crave something that reminds me that Spring isn't so very far off. This dish is a nice change from the heavy, brown food of the colder months.

Since the Spring (Primavera) vegetables aren't available here right now, I switch them out for vegetables that are in the market at this time of year; packaged fresh baby spinach, and sweet red peppers with a fresh basil chiffonade finish.
Of course most any vegetables can be substituted; whatever is freshest in the market.

To make the meal a bit more substantial I saute some pounded & seasoned boneless, skinless chicken breast in the style of scallopini and add it to the finished pasta.

I loosely follow the proportions and directions in this recipe from "Gourmet" magazine:

Pasta "Primavera" Recipe

I'm very fond of pan roasting small tomatoes on the vine, stovetop, in a hot pan with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper until the skins barely burst. It makes the tomatoes very sweet and juicy.

They go very nicely with most any simply prepared fish, chicken or chop dinner.


  1. Looks delicious! I love the pan roasted tomatoes...they look gorgeous!

  2. I think the chicken is a yummy addition. Clarice


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