Big Spectacular Dutch Babies

Resembling oversized popovers, Big Dutch Babies
are a fine alternative to waffles or pancakes, yet they require less effort.

The batter is simply milk, eggs and flour, and a pinch of salt if you like, mixed up in the blender then the batter is poured into melted butter in a hot pan, then baked in a hot oven until it puffs up, light, airy and crispy. Served with a fruit plate and perhaps some sausage, ham or bacon, it's one of my favorite weekend breakfasts.
The recipe has been around for years and years, although I didn't make them myself until I saw a recipe in the late 70's in Sunset Magazine. It's a tried & true ~ I make it as a weekend treat at least once a month.

Here is a link to the recipe which includes proportions according to the size of pan you choose to bake the Dutch Baby.

Any open, shallow pan can be used for baking. A paella pan, roasting pan or skillet all work very well. I prefer my big old Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

As noted in the recipe, you can adjust the amount of ingredients to suit the size of baking pan you are using for the number of guests being served.

It's best served as you would a souffle, for the most dramatic effect, it's best to have everyone seated at the table when you remove the Dutch Baby from the oven, as it soon deflates. It still tastes delicious though.

There are a number of versions of the recipe, a popular one is made with slices of cinnamon apples. I usually just make the plain one and serve with a choice of toppings. My favorite is confectioner's sugar and lemon slices, but I always offer maple syrup, fruit syrups, and jam or preserves for variety. Some people like to warm up canned fruit pie filling as a topping.

It's so simple, yet delicious, and always popular with guests.


  1. Thanks for posting this...I've been meaning to find this recipe..I use to make it all the time years ago...

  2. Mary that is one beautiful Baby!
    My son Jake would be swooning if this was put before him...
    I need to make these again has been a long time!
    Glad you are back...and that your visit was wonderful!

  3. I am always "wowed" by your posts! This is awesome!

  4. That looks absolutely amazing!

  5. I love Dutch Baby Pancakes -- they're one of my favorite comofrt foods. So impressive for guests and so easy too. Yours looks beautiful.

  6. Oh yum! I love dutch babies. Looks perfect!~

  7. I haven't made these in so long. They are so beautiful to bring to the table - not to mention how yummy they are!

  8. Mmmm! Looks good. My son Jacob loves them a lot! We have them all the time. Thanks for the link to the recipe that adjusts for size. He had a video game night with friends and it would have been nice to make smaller individual ones for the kids. I'm off to check it out! ~ Robyn

  9. That look so tempting Mary..itching to make soon..:)

  10. We have these for breckfast all the time. I have a huges all-clad pan, I have had for 20 years and it works well. Clarice

  11. I love making popovers on a Sunday morning! The BIG version looks like so much fun and so much easier. Thanks, Mari!

  12. I love Dutch babies with a squeeze of lemon and a little powdered sugar. Yummy!


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