Barbecue Pulled Pork ~ Emeril's Version

It's great to be back ~ Thank you for your kind wishes!

I'll miss our son as he heads home tomorrow morning, always a bittersweet time. :(

The visits always seem too far apart, and too short ~ as the time seems to disappear so quickly with laughter and love all around. We've made plans for the next visit in spring though, so that makes me happy.

Although I have been doing quite a bit of cooking, I haven't had much time to take food photos, just a few to share ~ starting with this recipe.

Everyone loved this meal, the meat was tender, moist, and succulent ~ everything I look for in good pulled pork.

It was the first time I made this particular recipe ~

Emeril Lagasse's Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I would definitely make it again.

First a dry rub is applied and the pork shoulder is allowed to marinate for several hours or overnight in the refrigerator. The pork can be smoked or slow roasted (225 degrees) in the oven, for about 7 hours, and basted with a vinegar-based wet mop every 45 minutes.

The only change I made is I eliminated the Essence of Emeril seasoning, and I reduced the amount of cayenne and red pepper flakes in both the rub and the barbecue sauce.

I chose to roast it in the oven ~ the aroma is divine while it slow roasts nearly all day long.

It was so juicy, flavorful and fall-apart tender at the end of cooking time.

Coleslaw makes a perfect accompaniment; I made it the way we've done in our family for a couple of generations; mayonnaise & apple cider vinegar based with no sugar.

I always like to include some old tried & true family recipes when loved ones come to visit ~ the old recipes evoke such fond memories.

I also served some quick, fresh homemade refrigerator pickles, an easy recipe which I'll be happy to share in an upcoming blog entry.

I made a batch of my favorite homemade sandwich buns to serve with the pork~

I've been making this recipe for many years and blogged about it some time ago ~ you can read about them by clicking the links, below.

Moomie's Legendary Sandwich Buns , and here (formed smaller and served with Nasturtium butter.)

This is my "go to" recipe for buns; easy to make and you can form them in any shape or size you want. They are fabulous as hamburger or hot dog/sausage buns, too. This time I made 8 regular hamburger-size buns from the dough, which worked out perfectly. I always reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe to a scant tablespoon because I don't care for sweet sandwich buns.

I served the Barbecue sauce on the side, in a squeeze bottle as Emeril recommended, that way each person is able to add as much or a little as they like. (The meat is so flavorful I could easily eat it with no BBQ sauce at all.)

Incidentally, the barbecue sauce is very good, not very sweet, not cloying as some tend to be, and so simple to put together; no heating at all. Nice consistency, too ~

The ingredients are simply mixed together and allowed to meld and marry in the refrigerator. I made it while I was putting the rub ingredients together and allowed it to sit overnight in the fridge while the pork was marinating in the rub.

The meat reheats beautifully the next day if there happens to be any left. :)


  1. I just just emailed you!!
    I am happy to SEE you again..Love pulled pork..

    Yours..is perfect of course!

  2. Holy cow, Mari, that sounds wonderful. I've got a loaf of whole clove roasted garlic bread in the oven but I'd love some of that bbq pulled pork to go with it!!!

  3. Mari, pulled pork is my husband's specialty. He has a favorite recipe, but is constantly tweaking it. ... I'm cutting and pasting the recipe and your notes for him.

    Gorgeous plates .. I've eaten a lot of BBQ over the years. KC is known for its BBQ, but I've NEVER seen it served on such beautiful dishes.

  4. Miss you Miss Mary!
    You are Moomies for me as you introduced them to me...we love pulled pork on them...I will have to make them soon!

  5. Great to see you back and also great to hear you had such a wonderful visit with your son! Pulled pork is so good and yours looks exceptionally good! The homemade buns are calling my name too!

  6. Those buns look so yummy! What amazing sandwiches!

  7. It all looks so good! I've printed it off. Thanks!

  8. Good to have you back, missed reading your blog!

    The pulled pork looks delicious..I'm going to have to break down and try making your buns..have never attempted something like that before, but I'm willing to give it a try!

  9. YES! I think I've found a good recipe for burger buns! Great looking blog. Thanks.

  10. welcome home! i swear i posted this yesterday... we missed you, hope you enjoyed your break away~ did you have spring like weather too?

  11. Everything looks great, but those buns are calling my name! Glad you had some time to spend with your son. I spent 3 weeks with my daughter & granddaughter last month and miss them SO much now that I'm back home. I know the feeling, but like you I'm looking forward to next time!

  12. Welcome back, Mari. Family visits are always wonderful, and sad when they are over. But you have another one to look forward to in the spring.

    Your pulled pork looks delicious. My family would love this one. And home made buns too!

  13. Great to hear you had a nice time visiting with your son! I am sure he was fed well! The sandwich is lovely and you make your own buns too! Wow!


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