It's that time of year...

A flush of blooms.
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Besides my grandfather, my mother was the TRUE gardener (both indoors and out) in my family. I'm happy to say a bit of her green thumb probably rubbed off on me.

She could make most any plant thrive/blossom, including orchids of most any variety.


With the indoor orchids, I'm sometimes successful; at times it's hit or miss.

But I'm always reminded of my wonderful mom when they DO re-bloom. I believe she would have liked this one. :)

I hope she's smiling!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb. My mom does but I didn't inherit it myself. Orchids are my favorite flower. My boss buys them every year (the indoor one) and he keeps them in the office. I'm scared to death when he goes out of town that I am going to kill one!

  2. Of course she is smiling!
    I think they are smiling every time we think of them..or talk of them..which is nearly pretty much all the time..
    What a pretty tribute.
    They are exquisitely photogenic aren't they?

  3. Beautiful have done your mother proud!

  4. Lovely flowers and the soup looks fantastic!

  5. It's beautiful!! I have one that is going to bloom at least I think anyway. It has buds!! I've been posting the progress on my blog. I get lots of advice which is mostly patience. Which I have 0 of.


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