Postcard ~ From Home, And a Poll


No snow yet, but Brrrr, it was foggy and cold looking down the driveway this morning...

Thank you to those who participated in the Poll!

Here are the results:

52 Votes

Soup: 27 votes (51%)
Stews (either Meat or Vegetarian): 13 votes (25%)
Chili: 12 votes (23%)
Pot Pie: 9 votes (17%)

Breakfast: 1 vote , Other: 1 vote


Please vote in the poll in the left column~ I would love to know about your favorite dinner on a cold evening. (You can choose more than one.)

Go ahead and add comments if your favorites are not listed, or if you would like to describe in more detail.


  1. I voted :) What a pretty scene, Mari - much more white here!

  2. Gorgeous picture!!!

    I love a big bowl of soup on a cold night! YUM!

  3. MAri is that really moss on the road, I don't think I have ever seen it on the road before! At least not that much! Great picture. I voted for a pot pie because they are such a treat. I usually make chili but the pot pie, well that's really special, especially with a double crust, sinful!

  4. Thank you Susan, Cristine and Robin Sue.

    Yes, Robin Sue that is moss which reappears on the driveway whenever the moisture returns.

    It was a surprise to me too, having come from a drier climate. But I suppose it is to be expected when one builds a house in the middle of a forest.

    Sometime I'll share photos of the other living things that pop-out when it gets damp. Oh my! :)

  5. Very pretty! I voted! For chili. I could use some now, too. Cold and rainy! I wouldn't mind some snow. I say that now :)

  6. Such a peaceful looking postcard! I want to see a big photo of the arch shaped christmas trees - so unusual and pretty looking!
    I'm off to vote :-)

  7. Mari I love your postcards, plates, and pictures! You are one talented woman and your decorations are just lovely! I have an award that I would like to pass onto you at my blog! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  8. Chili and an "other"...Gumbo is what most Louisianians crave when there is a crispness in the air! Gumbo weather! What a view you have down your enchanted forest!

  9. Dearest..I just fell in love with your blog..can I add you to my Kindred Spirit list...


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