Boursin Roast Beef Sandwiches

One of my favorite little snack sandwiches; it's fabulous made with slices of beef filet but it's also perfectly acceptable made from leftover roast beef or thin sliced roast beef from the deli (as I did here.)

Big, overstuffed sandwiches certainly have their place and you can pile the roast beef on as high as you like, but if given a choice I prefer a smaller sandwich.

If the meat is sliced thinly I like to shape the slices into waves, or cone shapes, as shown here, rather than just laying them flat. Of course, it's up to you!

For the spread you can simply spread your favorite type of bread with the Boursin, but I like to blend an equal amount of sour cream and good quality mayonnaise in (about 1 tablespoon each of mayonnaise and sour cream to about 1/4 cup of Boursin cheese), with a few drops of red wine vinegar. Makes enough for a couple of sandwiches.

On top of the spread I arrange layer thinly sliced red onion, and a few leaves of green (baby spinach, arugula, spring greens or your favorite leafy green), then a few roast beef slices.

As a final touch I like to add a faint sprinkle of
Piment D'Espelette:

The spicy ground pepper from the Basque country. It adds a lovely, fleeting bite of piquancy to the mix.

A wonderful simple little sandwich,
on its own or with soup or salad.


  1. darn i am hungry and that would hit the spot! can i say i am getting sick of cookies and craving real food? who said that???!

  2. Looks great, Mari! The spicy ground pepper sounds nice, thanks for the link!

  3. Yes, a good dose of protein rather than sugar sounds wonderful right now! Yum!


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