Ginger Pennies ~ Tiny Wafer Cookies

When I read though this recipe on CD Kitchen Recipe site the other day, I was immediately drawn to it. Of course I had to bake a batch right away.

They are delightfully dainty and crisp, just the perfect little nibble with a cup of afternoon tea. Be forwarned, they are like potato chips in that just one will never do!

Ginger Pennies
(Golden Ginger Coin Cookie Wafers)

Here is the link to the recipe on the CD Kitchen site:

Click for the recipe

My notes: I used Malt Syrup as that's what I had on hand in lieu of the Molasses. Instead of a plastic food bag, I used a pastry bag with a plain 1/4-inch tip to form the cookies, and baked on silicone baking mats.

I had in mind making the following little gifts, and they worked out perfectly.

Something you might keep in mind if you need a little place setting favor, or a 'just because' gift.

You can do this with ANY small cookie, or homemade candies, etc. it's just a fun presentation.
If you're friends aren't fond of tea cups and saucers, it works just as well in pretty little bowls or mugs.

Perfect piled high into vintage teacups, wrapped in clear cellophane for a couple of tea drinking friends as a little holiday treat.

When I do something like this I try to choose cups that "fit" the recipient's personality.

... or favorite flowers.

... or a favorite china style like this vintage Blue and White from Homer Laughlin.



  1. Just beautiful, I prefer the smaller cookie! Your presentation with the tea cups are perfect, love the glass plate as well!

  2. how very gorgeous! they look so beautiful in the tea cups! did you use powdered or fresh ground ginger?

  3. The teacups are a great great idea! :)

  4. Beautiful Mary...
    I love the look of older son loves anything gingery and spicy...I think I will try these!
    They look lovely in the cups...while I would never give away any of my vintage bone china cups...I saw some nice ones in Homegoods...I may run and get them tomorrow!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    L xoxox :*

  5. I love anything with molasses in it! These cookies are adorable - what a pretty gift they make in the tea cups!

  6. Great looking and sounding cookies but what I really love is how you put them in tea cups for gifts. Great idea, I just might have to copy :-)

  7. Beautiful! Perfect presentation...


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