Shellfish Roast

For our anniversary this weekend we decided toast the celebration with Champagne accompanied by a casual shellfish roast for dinner. It was perfect along with some warm, rustic bread for dipping, and a simple green salad.

Here it is ready for the oven ~ it's so simple to prepare. Minimal prep for the seafood, then spread/dot with a butter mix (garlic, capers, lemon zest, red chili flakes, fresh thyme leaves and cracked black pepper), drizzled with a bit of olive oil then baked in a hot oven for about 10 minutes.

Use whatever shellfish you like ~ this time I used colossal prawns, extra large prawns/shrimp (sliced in half and cleaned), small clams and sea scallops. My market didn't have scallops on the shell so I just placed two on scallops shells that I use for other recipes. It's purely optional to roast them on the shells, you can just place them on the parchment paper, but I like the way the scallop shells cups the succulent juices.

Of course you can use a mix of any seafood you like, such as soft shell crabs, petite lobster tails, scampi, mussels, or crawfish, etc.

Here it is after baking ~

I particularly like the prawns . . .

and sea scallops prepared this way.

If you like shellfish, I think you'll love this simple way of preparing it.

For a printable copy of the recipe, click HERE to go to the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog.

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  1. Happy Anniversary. Definitely a feast for a king and queen couple. Many, many more years together.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Champagne and shellfish perfect for a special day!!.

  3. Happy anniversary! What a great way to celebrate!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous pictures as usual.

  5. I can't think of a better way to celebrate. Your tray looks so good!

  6. I love seafood, and the way you describe it and the wonderful pictures... wow. It seems like you had a wonderful anniversary dinner.

    I start to be hungry...

  7. That is my idea of the perfect meal. Yum! Happy Anniversary!


  8. Happy anniversary!It looks like a lovely meal-your pictures are always beautiful.
    Take care,

  9. everything looks so gorgeous! what a feast and an anniversary I'm sure. Happy anniversary! :))

  10. Happy Anniversary and I can't think of a nicer feast! Champagne and seafood...can't beat that.

  11. A special dinner just can't get any better than this one, Mari. Everything is cooked perfectly.

    Happiest anniversary wishes to you both.

  12. That's a perfect meal for a celebration. It would have been my choice too. Looks like everything was cooked to perfection.

  13. Oh this is gorgeous!
    I am so making this...Mike is going back to Brussels so this weekend I will make this for us....he will love it and so will I!

  14. I do a similar thing over a open fire, but with winter coming - this looks rather tempting. Must try it soon.

  15. Thank you so much everyone! And thank you for the good wishes, too.


  16. Mari- this is an absolutely stunning meal! The photos are wonderful. I love shellfish and this is a great idea! Thank you!


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