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My family roots and history are deeply entrenched in California, particularly San Francisco, and the SF Bay Area.

During a trip home recently I did the tourist thing ~ here are a few images of the western edge of San Francisco.

Most of these were taken from the promontory overlooking the Cliff House and Seal Rocks with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, now
Sutro Heights Park, formerly the site of Adolph Sutro's home and gardens.

The Cliff House Project

Seal Rock

Looking south down The Great Highway.

The condos on the left in the photos were built on the site of the old Playland at the Beach, a favorite spot for us when were kids. :)

The beautiful Pacific:

North entrance to Golden Gate Park~
(The condos again, formerly Playland at the Beach)

In 1902, the parks commission authorized construction of two windmills to pump subterranean water to supply the park. The first one, on the north side of the park facing the Pacific Ocean, was completed in 1903 and became known first as the North Windmill and later as the Dutch Windmill; it is now paired with the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden. The second, Murphy's Windmill, on the south side of the park, began operation in 1908. They operated for several decades, but fell into disrepair after the park switched to electric water pumps. The Dutch Windmill was restored in 1981, but, as of 2009, Murphy's Windmill's restoration is still in progress. ~
As quoted from Wikipedia/Golden Gate Park
Below ~
Adorable city kids, hard at play. :)
Some things are timeless.

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Playland at the Beach


  1. Oh you've made me homesick yet again! I miss seeing all those wind blown cypress trees, isn't this is the best metaphor for perserverance?

  2. I've never been..your photos make me want to SEE..

    Great shots Mary..I think I would love it.

  3. Mari, I adore the Pacific Coast! Your beautiful photos remind me of a lovely day trip to Carmel. I'm always happy whenever I am on the plane to SFO :) I always prefer to fly in there vs LAX.


  4. Hi Mari, great post! I love all the pictures! I have not yet made it to the west coast, but I'm half way there though!
    P.S. I'm glad you're not all about food...;)

  5. Hi Mari
    Beautiful post! I love San Francisco and look forward to visiting it again, soon. Your photos have certainly whetted my desires to go again...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. I've been many places in this country, but I've never been to California. Your photos are beautiful and make me want to make the trip!


  7. Thanks for the trip home Mary...I spent many happy hours walking there and walking on the beach , with my babies as well...many happy memories!

  8. These beautiful pictures make me long for California. I've spent lots of time in the Bay area. These pictures definitely take me there immediately. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I traveled to San Fran a couple of years ago on business. I didn't get nearly as 'up close and personal' as I would have liked. Your photos are gorgeous and makes me wish I would have had a couple extra days there to see the sites!

  10. I have never been to San Francisco. The water is so blue. Your photos are gorgeous!

  11. Happy Halloween! My favorite of these series of photographs is the one with the windmill and homes. Great Outdoor Wednesday post.
    Joyce M

  12. Just stunning! Beautiful! Thanks for taking us on a photo journey.

  13. ah the scene of the crime, glad you are feeling better~

    i remember playland too~ i have always loved the windmills, like having holland at home!

    love the road shot, i remember so many times the sand would blow over it and you would lose the road like a snowstorm.

    sing it with ... memories~

  14. Wow! Gorgeous pictures. I really enjoyed them! What a huge beach! Hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday : )

  15. I'm so happy if this post brought a bit of happiness or evoked a special memory for you.

    Thank you for your very kind comments everyone! xo

  16. Awesome pics. I was just in SF for the Nike Women's Marathon, and let me say the Great Highway looks really different with 20,000 women limping down it.

  17. HI Mari you captured some wonderful photos of SF! what a lovely day you had there and looks like fantastic weather too. It's been quite windy this week so good thing you are not there now. Remember that north wind? it's so cold, well it's not that wind but just plain windy. I do hate the north cold winds here. Brrrrrrrrrrr!
    I'm not sure I've been to the Cliff house or not, I can't remember? hmm! will check out your link. thanks for sharing. come visit my ODW! have a great week!

  18. Great pictures! I have never been to the west coast and really enjoyed the tour as well as the information and links. Very interesting.

    Thank you for sharing your world with us!

    ~ Tracy


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