Rose Petal Jam and 5 Minute Artisan Bread

At the end of the blooming season before our first freeze, I gather some rose petals to make a few jars of Rose Petal Jam.
I garden organically, no pesticides and natural fertilizer, so the blossoms are completely edible. There is no color added to the jam, its color is the result of the petals you choose.
The most fragrant roses make the most flavorful jam.
I used a mix of David Austin English pink roses, and several blooms from the Don Juan (deep red) climbers that grow over the arched gate at the entrance to the main rose garden.

Usually the jam is a very delicate pink, but this time (because of the red Don Juan petals), the color was much more intense ~ a little deeper than usual.
( If you like the hand crafted serving board in these photos, you will want to go by Thibeault's "The Vancouver Island Gallery" to see the gorgeous hand-crafted wood offerings to learn more. )

The process is very simple ~ just the washed rose petals, lemon juice, water and sugar, and pectin (to assist in thickening).
Since this jam will be used up and given away, I don't process it for longer storage. It is kept in the refrigerator or freezer and is best used within a couple of weeks.

I wish I could share the intense fragrance and delicate flavor of homemade Rose Petal Jam, it is absolutely heavenly.

It makes a fine spread for scones, biscuits, muffins, waffles or pancakes, etc. as well as your favorite bread ~
in this case the Five-Minute a Day Artisan bread.
The sweetness of the jam contrasts and complements the tart, sour flavor of the bread beautifully.

The recipes for making Rose Petal Jam are all very similar, some like to add herbs such as lavender, lemon verbena or thyme, or grated lemon or orange peel, even a splash of vanilla or rum, but I prefer it plain.
You can find many recipes for Rose Petal Jam or Jelly on the internet;
THIS one is a favorite.
Note the pretty color that is produced by using all pink petals ~ that is my favorite; but this time I had more reds than pinks so the red is more predominant in this batch.

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  1. So beautiful!! I made both rose and lavender jellies when we lived in WA, many years ago. Very yummy!


  2. I love the color! And I'm loving the crust you got on your bread. Very fine eating at your house!

  3. I can't quite imagine the taste, but the color is beautiful. I'm sure it is delicious.


  4. Oh Mary, how intriguing! I've never tasted rose petal jam before. David Austins have the most wonderful fragrance, so I can just imagine how wonderful that fragrance would be in transformed into a jam!

    Thank you for the link!


  5. Oops, why did I call you Mary? I don't even know your name - sheesh... sorry about that!

  6. I have never heard of rose petal jam! Unfortunately all of my rose petals are on the ground after a hard rain and there probably won't be any more!

  7. Mari - these jams and jellies are the color or jewels! You are lucky you live in a cooler climate where the roses grow well.
    In my homeland we make jam out of the rosehips. It is 'meaty' and delicious - try it!

  8. Your rose petal jam is beautiful, Mari. I can imagine the taste of roses and homemade bread. The fragrance of the jelly must be almost intoxicating. What a treat at the end of summer.

  9. I love RPJ..:) I was surprised to see how very little my recipe made though:( I gathered so many petals..and have the tiniest jar:)

    You did so well~

    I love the scent :)And the look.
    Right up my rose petal alley~:)

  10. I believe every word of what you said about that jam. It looks exquisite, in the shade of ruby. I must be sublime when paired with that magnificent bread. I envy whoever gets food as gifts from you, Mari!

  11. Oh how wonderful. rose petal jam. how romantic too.. you must have enjoyed picking the roses and making the jam in your kitchen ...the scent must have been exquisite.! I have yet to taste a rose jam, Here we have roses growing in the highlands and there is a couple there who make rose petal jam Ive heard ..altho i'm not sure if its organic.

    The colours of your roses are lovely and the bread looks divine :)) I'll just imagine eating that jam n bread for breakfast 2morrow ;)

  12. Mari, that is lovely. I have never heard of this, but the thought of roses in a jam makes me a happy camper. That's one of my favorite flowers, and the color is lovely, too. My grandmother always made homemade fig preserves and homemade crabapple jelly. The latter was always my favorite jelly in the world, and truly, hers was the best after sampling others. I guess I could get organic roses from Whole Foods to try this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Happy Pink Saturday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  13. Hi Mari,

    This is just beautiful photography. Rose petal jam is something I've never made before. I wonder if I could find enough organic roses here to make this one.

    I'm heading over to check out those amazing cutting boards now!


  14. I love,love that jeweled color of you jam.It's gorgeous and I'm sure it's as wonderful as it looks. Happy Pinks and I absolutely love your blog and all the recipes you share with us.

  15. Mari, this is beautiful and such an intriguing concept. I hope to be able to get to be able to taste this someday!

  16. Gorgeous color of that jam Mary...I love it...and your bread looks fabulous!

  17. Just beautiful photographs. I want to make bread now. The jam is like a pretty. (Still on my Pink Saturday rounds. Have a great week!)

  18. Love your post, Mari! Rose petal jam sounds wonderful! Everything looks so delicious! Enjoyed the tutorial! I'm hungry now!


  19. Thank you for your comments ~ I really prefer this made made with all pink petals because the color of the jam is so ethereal when made with those. But the vibrant reds were available when I made this so the color is much deeper. It still tastes delicious!


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