Brazilian Grilled Steak with Artichoke Salsa

I'm late!
An eventful week prevented me from participating in the weekly Saturday Showcase yesterday hosted by my friends Lori at All That Splatters, and

Each week Lori and Ann alternate hosting the Saturday Showcase event. This week was Lori's turn to host. Please click their links to learn more. Everyone is invited to participate! The object is to share a recipe you have made from another blog site, feature the recipe and refer to the original blog where you found the recipe.
It's lots of fun to share what you've learned from another blog and I hope you'll join us. You can go to either Lori's or Ann's blogs to find out the particulars.

This week I chose to make my new friend Sook's recipe for Brazilian Grilled Steak with Artichoke Salsa which Sook featured on her blog "My Fabulous Recipes" just last week. Here's a direct link to the recipe on her blog: Brazilian Grilled Steak with Artichoke Salsa.

Artichokes are one of my top 3 favorite vegetables so this recipe immediately caught my attention.

This is one of the most flavorful ways of preparing grilled steak that I have ever tasted ~Taste Testers at my house gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Yes!
I'll bet you can tell how much I loved this recipe by the number of pictures I made.
Yum, yum, yum.

Sook used flank steak, I used sirloin because that's what I had on hand (plus it was on sale.)... ;)
Use any boneless steak you like, just make sure you try this recipe!

You can make it as mild or as spicy as you like by adjusting the amount of jalapenos in the marinade and in the salsa. The jalapenos I bought were mild, with just enough bite to add a nice hint of background heat.

The meat is brushed with oil, sprinkled with steak seasoning (I used Montreal Steak Seasoning just as Sook did), some minced garlic and minced jalapeno, then marinated overnight. It's such a great marinade that I would use this for plain grilled steak even if I didn't make the salsa. But the salsa adds a wonderful dimension, it puts this dish right over the top.

The salsa is simple to assemble ~ ingredients are fresh tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes because they are better than any other variety at this time of year where I live), chopped artichoke hearts (I used canned), minced garlic, jalapenos, cilantro, red wine vinegar and a tiny bit of salt. Delicious!
The meat and salsa also make a fantastic sandwich when served on a split toasted baguette, and I know it would be excellent served in a warm flour tortilla as well.
This one is a real keeper and I want to thank Sook for sharing it on her blog.
If you would like a printable copy of the recipe you can find it on my recipe blog by clicking here:

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you'll consider joining us next Saturday!


  1. OH, this has my name written all over it!! I LOVE artichokes and I know I would love this dish. I'm going to check out Sook's blog. Sounds like she makes my kind of food. Thanks, Mari!!

  2. Yummm...yummm.....yummmmmm
    Looks delicious and I know everyone here would adore this...on my to do list for sure...
    Gorgeous pics as always Mary!

  3. The pictures are just mouthwatering, Mari!


  4. This Brazilian steak with artichokes looks fabulous!!! I would really enjoy this type of dish-Cheers to you!

  5. Thanks, Mari! Oh my goodness! Your steak looks way prettier than mine! :) I am so glad that you liked this recipe. Thank you for linking it back to me. Love how you made the salsa chunkier, too. I will have to do that the next time I make it. Thank you.


  6. OMG! This is absolutely fabulous. Very nice clicks too!

  7. This looks too good. Just thought I would let you know.
    We are having a just because giveaway
    $50 gift certificate.
    No need to folllow or twiiter, or blog, just say what you think you might like and leave a comment.

  8. I love steak. I love garlic, I heart artichokes. This recipe was written for me. I am soooo trying this out next weekend when we have guests. As usual, mouth-watering pics. :)

  9. My chops are drooling! I didn't feel the quake in our town. We have a bagpipe chanter, it looks like a recorder,I can always tell how bad the quake is by how far it toppled from the top of our piano!

  10. Ooh, that absolutely looks enticing! My thumbs are up too with a knife and fork in each hand! Great presentation! Thank you Mari!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. I remember seeing this over on Sook's blog and loving it. It looks absolutely delicious and very colorful!

  12. Simply delicious and fabulous...

  13. So colorful and full of flavor...not to mention new year's resolution friendly!

  14. I have such a hard time getting good shots of meat dishes but you certainly don't! Your pictures and steak are absolutely mouth-watering! I can't wait for grilling season again!

  15. Artichokes are a favorite here too and I can imagine how delicious this will be on a crusty roll. A great combination of flavors and very beautiful photos, Mari.

  16. I think this would be fantastic in a sandwich, too! Beautiful pictures - that steak is done to perfection!

  17. This looks amazing. I'd be happy with just the salsa!


  18. that steak looks so delicious..just right..and I love salsa!

  19. i wonder why my dishes never look so amazing!

  20. I am making this tonight! Omgosh how will I wait that long? And I thought I was having vegetarian pasta. Ha!


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