Chicken and Corn Chowder ~ Saturday Blog Showcase

It's my pick for Saturday Blog Showcase ~ this week hosted by
All That Splatters.
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When TWO of my favored cooks featured this recipe and recommended it I knew it was a must try!

Lori on her blog
All That Splatters posted about the recipe she found on sweet Geri's blog Heart N Soul Cooking, and I completely agree this is a fabulous recipe.

It's with great thanks to Geri and Lori for introducing me to this recipe ~
It's a keeper, and the garnishes put it over the top with flavor.

You can find Geri's recipe on her blog (use the link listed above) or on my recipe blog
The only changes I made were ~I substituted Russet potatoes because I didn't have Yukon Golds on hand (but don't overcook them, they will fall apart) I used frozen white kernel corn, and I poached boneless chicken breast and cubed it instead of using shredded.

If it sounds good to you, I hope you'll try this one ~ I'm quite sure you'll love it as much as we did.

Thank you for stopping by to visit today.


  1. Mari, your bowls of this soup are works of art!! Isn't it good?! Glad you loved it as much as I did. :D


  2. Okay, that does it. I'm definitely trying this soup. If Mary and Lori recommend it, it has to be good.

    Mary, beautiful presentation.

  3. Beautiful presentation..Looks tempting...

  4. gorgeous fotos!! n the soup looks amazing! very creamy, bright, colourful and tempting!

  5. Mari, your photography skills could make doggie doo-doo look delicious! LOL I am soooo envious of all the talented food photographers I see on the Sat. Blog Showcase.

    I hope to try making this soup very soon since so many good cooks are raving about it. Hubby will love it, I'm sure. :D
    Thanks for sharing your talents (both cooking & photography) with the world.
    I enjoy every visit to your beautiful blog so much!

  6. This looks so good, comfort food presented this way brings it to a whole new level, Kathy.

  7. Love the creamy avocado with the salty, smokey bacon. I can see why this soup was popular!

  8. It looks wonderful! I am so glad also that you had shown that cutlery before..We found some in Florida..I like to add toppings to pale soups..yours looks so appetizing Mary..w/ the tomatoes and avocadoes ..

  9. So beautifully presented and the recipe does look fantastic..with all this cold and snow I think it's just the perfect cold weather soup.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Bloomers

  10. Mari, another spectacular presentation of one of my favorite chowders. You should definitely be the creative director for any food publication, because you are one talented lady!

  11. Love the toppings on this soup - especially the avocado!

  12. An splendid soup! So beautifully prepared and photographed. You have elevated this humble soup to greatness.

  13. Thank you so much for your very kind comments. I'm always so happy to read messages you leave.

    Photography is an ongoing learning experience with me, so thanks for your patience while I take you on my journey! :) I love the company!

    Monique, I'm so glad you found the cutlery (I wish I had known you wanted it.) I love the looks of it, but admit it is a little awkward... (not quite so comfortable to use.)

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

  14. This looks beautiful. Amazing photos!

  15. WOW! These are absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous photos. Lovely presentation!
    Love the cutlery also.

  16. Yum...I gotta make this, it was calling my name when Lori made it and now I just know it has to be sooner than later....
    gorgeous pics my friend!
    I am not feeling great today and a bowl of this would be so comforting!

  17. Amazing presentation - and I'm saving this recipe to try soon! Thank you for stopping by and giving me so much encouragment after my cupcake disaster! I appreciate you!

  18. It is wonderful seeing everyone's rendition of a recipe. With single digit temps here in Massachusetts, I'll be making this tempting soup. I loved it on Lori's blog and now yours. Yes, the toppings do put it over the top! And the photos.....

    Thanks, Mary.


  19. I am a huge fan of garnishes on soup. Really makes such a difference.

  20. wow what a delicious chowder... one of our fav dish.. we go to ivars just for the clam chowder... this looks really tempting and an inspiration for us to give it a try at home... and one more thing beautiful presentation and nice click too...

  21. As always your presentation is perfect! This sounds delicious and I love the garnish.


  22. I haven't had a good corn chowder in ages! I will give this one a go! Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs and glitter, Patti


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