Crispy Parmesan Pirouettes with Salmon Pearls and Lemon Cream

Either you love it, or you don't.

I've never turned down a serving of caviar.

It is at once salty, briney, delicate, mild and tender, providing a gentle pop on the tongue as you enjoy it.

Until a few years ago Mr. OUaP would turn up his nose at this less expensive Salmon roe caviar ~ considering it fish bait.
That is until he began enjoying it at our favorite Sushi joint as Nigiri-Ikura (salmon egg). Finally, he saw the light. :)

Long considered a luxury, and an aphrodisiac by some ~ with good reason;eggs are a symbol of fertility, and packed with zinc.

Anyone thinking about Valentine's Day?!

The most expensive, Beluga, is the finest caviar best enjoyed with little or no garnish, by the spoonful with well chilled champagne or vodka.

But because it is much, much less expensive this wild Alaskan Salmon caviar lends itself to creative adaptations rather the traditional ways of serving caviar.

When I saw this method from Donna Hay I knew I wanted to try it.
It's very good.

Finely grated Parmesan cheese is baked for a few minutes to form a
frico (flat cheese wafer), then rolled if desired to make the pirouettes.
For the dip sour cream is mixed with a little fresh lemon juice and zest, then garnished with the salmon eggs and a leaf of chervil. No chervil in the herb garden at this time of year so I garnished with a small parsley leaf and a lemon zest tendril.

A special treat for two.

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  1. When would I be able to cook as good and creative as you?! The dish looks simply divine!

  2. De bien jolies photos Mlle. Mary~
    Les tuiles ont l'air délicieuses! Have a wonderful afternoon~

    You have mentioned Donna quite a bit..I will look into her recipes more now~!

  3. Mari, there is a sophisticated look about your photographs that adds to your elegant post for a very special condiment.

    I do like caviar and if I where a king, I'd give my kingdom for a case of Beluga. I am so glad to see that one can enjoy others at a lower cost with the same sophistication. Many thanks..

  4. Well I will pass on this one and have a second helping of the Chipotle Salmon please.
    Caviar sure does look pretty though.

  5. Truthfully, I've only tasted it a few times and wasn't all that excited about it. I've always wanted to try the "really good stuff" to see if I like it more.


  6. I don't have access to much cavier around here, but that parmesan swirly thing is soooo going on my list!

  7. I'll take mine with champagne please. Beautiful photos.

  8. My oh my. There are cooks and there are COOKS and you're definitely the latter. Amazing. Beautiful. The parmesan rolls look exactly like love letters we serve during chinese new year. Google "Kueh Belandah". :)

  9. the pirouettes are beautiful...n just like the love letters we have here as Ju said. gorgeous pics!!

  10. Beautiful photos - as always! I have never had caviar! I'm not sure I could eat it if I "knew" I was eating it...but it sure is pretty in your dish!

  11. I've never ever had caviar..I guess I should try it ...but not a lot of restaurants serve it in my area..maybe I should try it a my sushi place! Beautiful and elegant post.

    Miss Bloomers

  12. Oh Mari you are always an inspiration! What a beautiful post!!

  13. Have tried caviar just the once. I am convinced that had it been presented and served like this, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more :-).

  14. Oh my ice cold Vodka Martini along with that and i would be in absolute heaven!
    Those pictures are magnificent Mary...just wonderful!

  15. This is such a seductive post. I like that you rolled the cheese wafer into pirouettes, it makes it so much more elegant.

  16. My mouth is watering at the thought of these. I've made some similar cheese pirouettes with Spanish cheese- Manchego before. I love these and I think it's high time I try your Parmesan version.

  17. Mari, loving the look of this. The combo is perfect salt/creamy/crunchy.........
    Have you ever tried Japanese Tobiko (flying fish roe). I buy it at a local Japanese market in the frozen section. It is soooo delish and a great sub for pricier cavier. Little salty poppers!
    Your photos are beautiful as per usual.

  18. As delicious as it is beautiful, I am sure. This looks amazing.


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