Blue and White Farmhouse Luncheon

Welcome! Please come in and take a seat ~
We're having a Farmhouse Luncheon today.

I hope you're hungry!

Farmhouse Luncheon

January 21, 2010

Vegetable Soup with Buttery Herb Croutons
Relish Plate
Grandma’s Best Fried Chicken

Warm String beans with Bacon and Onions with
Cider Vinegar Splash

Mustard Potato Salad


Apple Cinnamon Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee or Tea

I've set the table with a mix of Blue & White.
The Spode plates and cup & saucers are the old mark from the 1930's and '40's.
My everyday Spode is the modern stuff, able to withstand the dishwasher and microwave. And while I love it, there is nothing like the older pieces ~ the colors are deeper and more vibrant and the china is finer and more fragile.
Unfortunately too fragile for everyday use at my house ~ so I use the new stuff most of the time.

The soup tureen/covered vegetable is vintage from Villeroy and Boch. A friend in Germany used to have a business scouring estate sales and antique shops for friends in the US. This piece was an anniversary gift a few years ago from DH.

The underplate is not a matching piece, it is antique English transferware. Several years ago I was lucky enough to find a matching pair. One of the beauties of Blue & White is that it generally mixes very well with other pieces.

The tablecloth is new, Williams-Sonoma, the small square table covering is antique from Austria.

The hand work on this piece is what grabbed my heart.
I purchased it a few years ago from an European importer.

Have I ever shared with you that I collect pitchers?
And here is one of my favorites of all.
I adore the shape and size of this one. It's not too large, and not too small... it's just right. :) English Ironstone from the late 1800's.

I hope you don't mind taking a closer look...

It amazes me that these pieces have made it through the years with no damage.
Of course it helps that it is sturdy ironstone!

I love its graceful lines, I wonder who owned it before me.

Can you see the intricate embellishment? *heart*
(Flowers are fake... from the dollar store ~ there absolutely nothing blooming in my garden this time of year.)

Those brown woven plate chargers that I believe many of us have ~ I explained before that I painted some of them white.

Definitely "Not Spode" individual covered soup tureens ~ Nell Hill's a few years ago.

The Bee flatware that several of us tablescapers own. :)
(Neiman Marcus/Horchow)

Petite pitcher ~ vintage Early American Pressed glass,
from someone's family but not mine. I found it on ebay a few years ago.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed our little visit!
I'm sending out a big thank you to Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for hosting Tablescape Thursday.

Please click the logo above to visit Susan's wonderful blog and find links to all of this weeks participants.


  1. Just gorgeous. I love the beautiful blue and white of all of your fabulous dishes. Your individual soup tureens are just breathtaking. I have looked forever for individual soups and I can't find any anywhere. Everything is so beautifully put together. Hugs, Marty

  2. Dear Mari, your collection of tableware is astounding. They are all beautiful individually ... but when put together by your artistic hands, they look like matches made in heaven. It's amazing how you mix-and-match to make each item complement the next. This is such a purdy farmhouse luncheon! I do agree that the pitcher is exquisite!

  3. What aa lovely table, Mari. The blue and white Spode is beautiful and how lucky you are to own some of the old pieces. I really like the soup tureen as well.

    I haven't seen the bee silverware around and now I am enticed!! It is SO cute!! I wonder if I can still get it. Your tablecloth and square from Austria are so pretty. Just a beautiful table. And of course your pitcher is gorgeous!

    Fabulous tablescape, Mari! :-)


  4. Lovely as always Mari! With your eye for detail, this is a win-win tablescape!

  5. Mari, This is the most inviting and beautiful tablescape. It makes my heart sing! I have just recently taken a real interest in ironstone, and your pitcher is so pretty.
    I would just love to have that china- oh, gorgeous!
    As usual, a graceful and beautiful (I've said that twice, but that word keeps coming to mind when I see this table!).
    Your photography is magical!

  6. Just beautiful! Great photos and oh that Bee flatware!!!! I love it!

  7. Oh Mary, my favourite of all the Tablescapes so far.

    And, I love your menu.


  8. Oh I just love blue and white. Your table is gorgeous. And the menu - just perfect!


  9. I always love blue and white! If I had to select my favorite, it would be the blue and white inndividual soup tureens. Wouldn't they be cute for Mother's Day with ice cream and fresh strawberries?

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Oh, this is lovely! I love the flatware, I love it all!!

  11. Wonderful farmhouse luncheon! Not what I would expect at a farmhouse! So beautiful with the blue and white! That white pitcher and the beautiful tablecloth are terrific finds!


  12. Thanks for having us to your farmhouse luncheon. The table is so inviting with it's blue and white and the menu sounds like one delicious meal! ~ Sarah

  13. Beautiful! Lovely and what time should I be there?

  14. All of it is just beautiful! Love those little covered soup tureens! Really stunning table!

    Mine is blue and white this week as well. You just can't go wrong with beautiful blues and whites!!

    thanks for the idea of painting the wicker chargers!

  15. Oh your blue and whites are so pretty -- you're right about how they all mix together so well -- I love both of your pitchers. Everything looks delightfully inviting.

  16. Hi Mari with an I
    I love your table and I have to compliment you on those gorgeous pictures. The detail is stunning. I also love pitchers, I have several but am not a collector. One day you should do a post on all of your pitchers...or a pitcher party. What fun.
    Have a great day

  17. Just beautiful. Blue and white is my favorite. You've got some amazing pieces. I love the covered bowls from Nell Hill. Your older Spode pieces are unbelieveable. Great post!
    - The Tablescaper

  18. This is such a pretty table. I have a pitcher that I only use for flowers too but like yours they are fake this time of year. Mine also has white daisies too.
    By the way a long time ago before I started blogging I was snooping around for an appetizer and found your little penguins. They were such a hit. I love them, almost too cute to eat.

  19. The linens and the dishes are just gorgeous! Blue and white is such a classic and classy combination, but you made it look light and airy with the wicker placemats.

  20. Oh this just speaks to me! So lovely. I really love your dishes and your setting...

  21. This is so gorgeous and charming, Mari. I love your Spode dishes especially the tureen. I have thevplates but not the tureen. Your photographs are fabulous....Christine

  22. Your dishes are very pretty and the color combo is so classy.

  23. Marvelous, so many beautiful items placed together - perfection.

  24. Beautifully mixed blue and white pieces!

  25. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Spode, the white rattan & the silverware! Got to LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV a man that will give you dishes...especially transferware!

  26. I love love the tablescape, the blue and white is so love with the wonderful cut crystal small pitcher, just so crisp and clean and beautiful, love it,,,,

  27. I absolutely LOVE this table. Every element is something I love on it's own. Just beautiful

  28. How pretty! The little splash of yellow makes everything sing. Your Spode is just lovely & please give your hubby an extra hug for that anniversary gift? He deserves it!

    May I *benchmark* (that means copy!) your idea of spray painting the rattan? It looks so fresh done in white. Ingenious!

  29. What a beautiful table that you have created from your collections. Every piece with a story! Thank you for sharing.


  30. Everything is absolutely beautiful!

  31. So beautiful with the blue and white....Kathy

  32. Well you already know how I feel....
    blue and white makes my heart sing...
    You and I share that same Spode set and cherish it as well...
    Gorgeous Mary...I love everything!

  33. Oh what a beautiful blog you have. I love everything and I'm a new follower. Blue willow is my favorite china!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Miss Bloomers

  34. Wow! I think I am a "tablescaper" at heart, I would have 100 or more ways to set my table, if only I had the space!

  35. Wow--what great looking plates! I did not know V & B made this pattern...what a gorgeous looking table!

  36. Mari, your menu had me drooling, then I got down to your beautiful table. Love the blue and white and that table topper is gorgeous. And you *know* I love those little soup tureens!

  37. Love your table. So calming and relaxing. Have a great day!

  38. Absolutely beautiful! Blue and white is my favorite. You definitely set a gorgeous table and you have some lovely pieces. I like the daisies you added - perfect touch. Great menu.

    ~ Tracy

  39. Absolutely stunning, I love blue and white! That pitcher is lovely and your photography is just beautiful!

    Kat :)

  40. Blue and white makes such a clean, crisp look. I love the pop of yellow...even if they aren't real. I don't have that bee flatware, wish I did!

    This is very pretty, very inviting.


  41. Very beautiful table using one of my favorite combinations-blue and white!

  42. What a gorgeous luncheon. I love how you painted the brown chargers white. Very chic. Save a piece of chicken for me.

  43. A beautiful tablescape, Mari. I just love the embroidery on your table topper... so dainty!

  44. Your blue and white is so fresh and lovely! The daisies in your gorgeous pitcher are the perfect touch!

  45. Tout est si élégant chez toi c'est incroyable:) xxx

  46. love your mixtures of blues & white's I often mix my blue willow with my white milk glass, beautiful table setting!


  47. I Just LOVE LOVE LOVE your tablescape! Such beautiful table ware, the vintage and the new. It's just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing! Would love to be a guest at your luncheon.

  48. Tell Mr. Plate :) to make room and pass the chicken.
    It sounds wonderful!
    I love those covered bowls, and the blue and white is so pretty! My V&B in town is closing..I have been going there sine 1984...just a small store, but everyone knows you.and they are so nice. All losing their jobs.
    I will miss their beautiful things..
    I was in WSonoma today too! (and a few other treasure places..:) )

  49. Hi, Mari,

    Blue and white is always so pretty.
    You did everything right (as usual)
    That white pitcher is just beautiful! Great job, as usual.


  50. How gorgeous Mari! you mix and match everything so well... it looks like a palace luncheon....each item is exquisite...o my...beautiful are so talented to bring such beauty to teh table.

  51. Your table is so beautiful, Mari. I love the blue and white, and you were so clever to spray the placemats. And what a lovely luncheon menu.

    Thanks for letting us take a peek before the guests arrive.

  52. Whenever I visit... your tables are amazing, they never cease to delight... the menu looked so inviting as well... I wished I had a invite to that lovely luncheon!!!
    You must tell us about grandma's best fried chicken!!!

  53. This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy it!

  54. Heavenly wonderful setting. Perfect with the white and blue-

    With all your elegant collections? I just can dream of them.

    TY a mill for sharing your ideas to me.

    Loving it.

    Happy week-end.

  55. Blue and white, elegant, pristine, yet there's a feeling of "home" about it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  56. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Blue and white are my favorites and this tablescape is just fabulous.

    I had not seen the bee flatware before and now have another item on my search and find list!

    I love that you shared your menu, too. It sounds delicious.



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