It's those One Hour Sandwich Rolls again...

I've posted about these before, but they are so good and easy that I wanted to share them again.

Up until just recently, my favorite "go to" sandwich roll/hamburger bun recipe was
Moomie's version which I found years ago in the King Arthur Flour catalog.

However, my friend Linda highly recommended this version after our friend Lori featured them on her blog. I tried them, and they immediately became my favorites as well.

The ingredients are just mixed in the bowl of a stand mixer, then the dough is formed into the shape and size desired. Placed onto a silpat (tm) /silicone liner as each is formed then allowed to rest for only 30 minutes. The tops can be brushed with beaten egg for a nice sheen, then right into a hot oven they go (only one rise!), for 10 to 20 minutes (depending upon the size of the rolls) until they are nicely golden brown.

This time the dough was whole wheat white flour .

I finished a couple of the rolls with sauteed minced onion and others with combination of sliced scallions (green onions).

I embossed the plain ones with this Kaiser press (I believe I bought it from the King Arthur Flour website). It is just a decorative touch, you don't need the press to make these rolls.

Since these can be prepared from start to finish in under an hour, there is hardly a reason to buy sandwich, hamburger or hot dog buns again. :)
Tomorrow I'll show you how I served some of them.
If you would like a printable copy of the recipe you can find it HERE on the
Once Upon a Plate recipe blog.
Thank you for stopping by today, and any comments you would like to leave.
Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Hi Mari, I love your sandwich rolls, and I make them often. But now I am going to try your new version. I need rolls for a informal luncheon on Thursday, so I'll try these.
    I love visiting-you have the best recipes!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I'm making a sandwich for dinner one night and I was debating if i want to make the rolls myself or just buy them at the grocery store. Making them at home sounds so fun! :)

  3. Hi Mari!
    I couldn't print this recipe fast enough! It will definitely be our new sandwich staple in Museville. Thank you and Happy New Year!
    xo Isa

  4. Every time I look at my little printer..:) I think of you..Moomies are faves here...

  5. Is it possible that there is a better bun than Moomies? Got to try it!

  6. Those look delightful! King Arthur Flour is one of my faves!

  7. Oh those look so good. I love hot bread, so I would probably eat the whole batch right out of the oven. lol Thanks for the recipe. Hugs, Marty

  8. I'll give these a try, they look delicious. I make my own often, but they aren't nearly as quick as these!


  9. Holy cow, these look lovely-so professional! I must get over my bread baking fear and give these a try.

  10. The rolls look so soft and fluffy!! Well done!

  11. I have never seen such beautiful food as I see here in these photos of yours!
    And I'm going to have to stop coming here because I am trying to diet and I can just forget about that after a visit here!

    Scrumptious looking! I have to make some now!
    All the best,

  12. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing this.

  13. These are beautiful. I'll certainly be trying these.

    I've made Moomie's buns several times and they are a nice bun, but I' open to new experiences, grins.

    I'm such a dope, I always wondered how to get that traditional kaiser pattern. Now I need one of those stamps, too. I live within reasonable driving distance of KAF and go there a couple times a year; can't believe I missed this.

    And LOVE all the ways you varied the rolls. Each looks irresistible.

  14. Wow, so quick!
    They look great, and I am coveting your stamp... and those pretty tureens below.

  15. These look great, and who does not enjoy a sandwich better with soft fresh bread? Thanks so much.

  16. Always a treat to cruise over to your blog and take in your gorgeous photos!

  17. You are a temptress you...
    I gotta have the stamp...I have the buns...they are really wonderful and I doubt I will ever make the Moomie's again after these....
    Thanks you for the link...
    and now I gotta go and buy the darned stamp!!!!!!

  18. Those are some beautiful buns!!!and I LOVE the embosser...i must look for that here..gorgeous pics too!

  19. What? A gadget for the kitchen that I don't have? No matter that I have never made these rolls. Why don't I have the kaiser roll press? Why?
    I think I will give this a try and not just so I can justify finding a press.

  20. Wow!! Wow!!!!
    Gorgeous Hamburger buns. I like the toppings you used.

    Mary, I've been meaning to try this recipe ever since Lori shared it. I think this is the week.

  21. I could live on bread and bread alone and these look delicious.. thanks for sharing.. hugs ~lynne~

  22. sandwich rolls look REALLY good!


  23. Just wanted to let you know that I made these the other day and absolutely loved them! They were quite buttery and delicious. The post is here:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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