Steamed Dumplings (Shrimp-Pork or Vegetable)

The Shrimp-Pork dumpling recipe was given to me by a good friend over 20 years ago. It's a tried and true. I've also shared a vegetable version from Alton Brown which is also very good.

I like to steam and serve them in these little 3-tier bamboo steamers, each person can have their own, or just arrange them on the table so each diner can help themselves.

Steaming is such a healthy and quick way to cook ~ I use several sizes in my kitchen for cooking Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, and Dim Sum. Plus the largers ones make perfect pie/ muffin/cupcake carriers and fruit baskets.... Love that they are multi-taskers. :)

You can click here to see more choices: Various sizes Joyce Chen Steamers

Of course, if you prefer you can make your own dumpling dough, this is the shortcut method using store bought wonton wrappers. The dough will not be as tender as traditional dumpling dough; it's thinner and a little more chewy, but it is a good quick version.

This time I simply drizzled them with Sweet Chilli Sauce from the bottle, but I also have listed two other favorite dipping sauces along with the printable recipes on
the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog ~ Click

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  1. Hi Mari,

    I've never used a steaming basket, but I want to now! And I've never seen such cute hand painted cookies as the ones you have below.

    Heading there.


  2. Steamed dumplings are one of our favorite foods. My five year old can eat a whole order by herself. I can't wait to check out your recipe. Now I'm wishing that I had a 3-tiered steamer. : ) I usually just steam them in the pan.

  3. Yummy - I love steamed dumplings. Thanks!

  4. I've never made these before but would love to try. They look like something everyone in my family would enjoy!

  5. Do you deliver?

    These look wonderful.

    Giveaway on my blog today...check it out!


  6. Comme c'est beau et tellement appétissant:)xxx

  7. Mari, awesome looking dumplings! And I like the steamer baskets, too. The perfect way to prepare dumplings.

    I'll have to pull my steamer baskets out and give this a try. Thanks...

  8. I Love steamed dumplings! Definitely one of my very favorites!

  9. I've always wanted to try steamed dumplings. I even bought a steamer, but still haven't tried them!

  10. You must be a psychic....this morning I was going over all of my dumpling recipes and was thinking about making my own wrappers...
    GMTA GF...but I do not have those cute steamers!

  11. Mari, I've had it on my mind for a while now to try something like this, and now you have given me a big helping hand. This looks delicious. thank you so much!

  12. Those dumplings look so good! I've never folded them in that manner, but I certainly will try next time.

  13. Those steamers are so cute and the dumplings are even cuter.

  14. Cute and yummy dumplings....Beautiful clicks too...

  15. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. I made your puff pastry quiche recipe the other day (I had asked whether I should blind bake) and it was so delicious! I love following your blog. Thanks for everything you share.

  16. Oh so pretty and dainty!! ur photos are always so amazing too!!


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