Darling Bakers ~ Cupcake Event

Saturday was our Darling Bakers CUPCAKE Event!

Inspiration and huge thanks goes to another blogger who authors one of my very FAVORITE baking blogs ~
my friend the irrepressible Em creator of The Repressed Pastry Chef .

I chose this recipe for Napoleon Cupcakes after seeing it on Em's blog recently. Click on the link, above, to take a look at how a real PRO makes, and photographs them. :)

The Yellow Butter Cake (recipe from the "At Home with Culinary Institute of America" cookbook) divided into cupcake portions are baked off, then filled with a rich pastry cream filling.

I finished mine slightly differently than Em did. She made an icing out of almond bark, a vanilla coating and chocolate stripes, beautifully elegant.

I made a white chocolate ganache for the topping, and heated and sieved raspberry jam for the stripes on mine.

The butter cake recipe is one of the best I've ever tasted, and I'll definitely keep it on file to make again. A big thank you to Em for sharing the recipe and technique on her blog!

And another big thank you to Jain at Once in a Blue Moon for organizing our Cup Cake-a-thon.



I really like cupcakes and love to make them, but because we've recently had to cut way back on sugar intake for health reasons, I won't be making them often, unless I can give them away.

So I'm left to reminisce about cupcakes from the past

(boo hoo...)

These are some from last year ~

Luckily, I don't have much of a sweet tooth... but still, they ARE so much fun to make!


  1. GORGEOUS cupcakes! They are all so beautiful!

  2. They are all absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Lucky you with no sweet tooth! I think I could eat each and every one of them in one setting!! They are absolutely lovely. The ones with the real flowers are my favorite- perfection! joan

  4. Absolutely beautiful! You and Em BOTH have a knack for gorgeous photography!

  5. They are all beautiful! I can see a lunch party on the lawn, white tablecloths set with fine bone china, crystal glasses, and those beautiful cupcakes gracing the table.

  6. Those cupcakes belong on a magazine cover, they're so beautiful!

  7. Thank you SO much for your sweet comments!

    Darn it Joan, I wish you lived closer ~ I'd be happy to share, anytime! :)

    Thanks again ladies, you make my day. xo ~m.

  8. Breathtaking! I have never seen prettier cupcakes! White chocolate with raspberry swirl...wish I lived nearby!

  9. I couldn't wait to see these beautiful cupcakes again and you posted even more views of them! They are all works of art! Speaking of art what is the beautiful crystal heart piece in the first photo?

    I don't see the recipe for the chocolate chip ganache brownies under chocolate...will you share?

  10. {gasp} Oh Mari your napoleon cupcakes are simply STUNNING! Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking in every way. I'm glad you loved the recipe for the cupcakes - I have to admit I'm quite partial to it :)

    Thanks for the link-back, that's always so appreciated.

  11. i just had to tell you one more time how much i love each and every one darling! thanks so much darling for a gorgoeus cupcake darling day!

  12. Mari...those are some of the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever funny..I am also partial to Fairy Cakes with baby blue icing and pansies upon them! That Napoleon cupcake is a complete work of art...the icing is perfect...I must try that cake. I am always on the search for a really good yellow cake recipe...
    Just magnificent!
    L xoxoxo

  13. Oh my, all these cupcakes deserve endless oohs and ahhs. But I have to admit, I'm partial to Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups, so I'm ogling those most!

  14. Thank you SO much!!

    Marsha, the plate I shot these on is an Ohio/Imperial Glass piece in the Candlewick pattern. It's a Tidbit tray, was really popular in the middle of the last century.

    That's the handle you see in the image. Here's a link to a (lousy) photo at so you can get an idea of what it looks like:

  15. WOW...i love ALL your cupcakes! They are beautifull...the ones with the fresh flowers are stunning, can you use any type of flower? Or are they edible? Please let me know...I have a request for a wedding (approx 350) cupcakes and they want flowers on each! Any advise will be greatly appriciated. THX!!

  16. Hi Campanas, Thank you for your kind words!

    Yes, all of the flowers are edible (except the tete-a-tete narcissus ~ the ones that look like tiny daffodils), those I don't recommend eating.

    All of the flowers are from my garden (organically grown ~ safe to eat.) Some taste better than others. :)

    I would suggest you google "edible flowers" for suggestions as to what might be in bloom at the time of year you will be making your cupcakes. I would recommend only using organic, edible flowers for health and safety. There are commercial growers of organic, edible flowers--- maybe some in your area? I hope so.

    I wish you luck, and I hope you'll share photos of your cupcakes!

  17. Thx for your help...I'll do the research and keep you posted! ;)

  18. There are truly no words to describe these beauties!


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