One Two Three Tortellini Vegetable Soup

No recipe for this one, as I always just 'wing' it according to what is in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator, the remainder of the soup can be pulled from the pantry shelves.

It's always comforting though, and a great way to use up vegetables (even ones that are a little tired, and might not be good as the star on the dinner plate.)

The method is generally the same, I saute some yellow onion (medium dice) in a little olive oil in the soup pot, add a little fresh chopped garlic if you like. Next come the diced/sliced carrots and celery, allow them to soften in the oil a bit, stirring occasionally.

For this version I simply used Swanson's canned chicken broth, enough to cover the vegetables (you can add water, too), and stir in a 14.5 ounce (or so) can of diced tomatoes with juices, and diced red bell pepper. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, partially cover and allow to simmer until the carrots are almost tender. I added cut up fresh green beans at the very end of cooking time, allowing them to just cook through. You can add your favorite herbs, as you like.

This is just a loose guideline, you can add whatever vegetables you happen to have on hand, a can of beans such a kidney, canneli, garbanzos, butter beans, etc. go well, too and make the soup more substantial.

I always cook the tortellini separately so it will retain it's shape, and not become mushy ~ then add them to each bowl right before serving up.

It always helps if you have somthing fresh and green to garnish the bowl; minced parsley, chives, or other fresh herbs. This time there were a few leftover slices of a Thyme Baguette I had made earlier, so I cubed them and toasted them until golden on the stovetop in a little olive oil and minced garlic.

I find it a satisfying feeling to clear out the vegetable bins, and utilize the contents for a cozy, comfortable and healthy soup.

Clean vegetable bins, all ready for a fresh supply, so I'm off to the market!


  1. I think I want to make 5 soups this week:)
    I LOVE soup.. I think I'll amke smaller portions to make more..
    This looks good Mary and I like teh effect at the beginning..
    I love fresh crisp and green on top too and I am liking parsley more and more.

    Doing the undecorating of our home today..Oy.

  2. Mary... that looks so good right about now..it is cold and beginning to snow...I just put a chicken in the oven. But a nice bowl of your soup would be fabulous!
    I am hungry!

  3. i make this and ravioli soup often, the perfect purging soups! gorgeous pics~

  4. Oh, this looks so good on a cold, rainy night. I especially like the addition of crunchy croutons.

    Your photos are terrific, as always. Once again I'm saying out loud "How in the world does she do that!"

  5. This soup looks wonderful! I love tortellini soup and have never even thought of croutons in it. Everything you make comes out picture perfect and I like your new "paint" effects too!

    I so love coming here and seeing you post everyday and I'm sorry I don't always have time to comment and tell you how much I do enjoy it!

  6. I not sure which is making me drool more, the soup or the dishes. I'm making soup today too ;)

  7. I sure do like tortellini... and I like soups that are put together out of whatever is in the fridge - my favorite way to cook!

  8. psst, come to my blog at hide and seek, got a little something for you~

  9. That's how I like to make soup too...No recipe needed.
    Beautiful Mary, so fresh looking!


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