Sesame Sugar Snap Peas

I learned this technique for combining ingredients from one of my favorite cookbook authors, and Food Network hosts ~ Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa.

The sugar snap peas are usually available year round in the produce section, so this is a good little recipe to keep in mind when you want a fresh vegetable on the plate. It goes well with a number of entrees, grilled or broiled fish, chicken, beef or pork.

To prepare, simply rinse the Sugar Snap Peas, add enough dark (Asian-style) Sesame Oil to coat, then sprinkle with black (or toasted white) sesame seeds. That's it. It can be assembled several hours ahead and refrigerated until serving time.

As simple as this is, I think the flavor combination may surprise you. The sweetness of the Sugar Snap Peas with the deeply flavorful and fragrant Sesame oil, and the delicate crunch of the sesame seeds makes this one a standout.


  1. Do you ever add a touch of soya and ginger? Very yummy too..But blanched peas.
    I could eat those all day Mary.Their sweet crunch is addictive to me.

  2. What a wonderful way to prepare these sweet little peas. I'll remember this when the farmer's market is filled with this springtime treat.

  3. Wonderful information..

    We have sugar snap peas often with regular sesame seeds and sesame oil. Definitely will try this alternative, sounds very flavorable.

    Great picture, Mari.

  4. Oh la la pink dishes!
    You are ready for Valentine's Day..
    Great Pics, Mary!

  5. Such simplicity and they look so appealing. I could eat sugar snap peas all day long :)

  6. At risk of jeopardizing my manliness may I say I like the combination of the green peas and the pink dishes? The food, of course, shines! I can almost smell the sesame here.

  7. Sugar snaps look amazing! I love the dish! very pretty!

  8. Wow, something so simple made to look so amazing! Love those black sesame seeds!

  9. hey i was gonna say what greg said! my you have come a long way haven't you greg!

    i love these, they taste like candy to me!

  10. Looks so simple yet so delicious!

  11. This is such a pretty dish! Your photos look gorgeous: did you alter the colors at all?

  12. Thank you everybody!

    Hi Olga, Thank you! No I don't alter colors on my food photos. It must be that pink dish that makes it seem so! :)


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