Hi friends ~ I want to let you know that I'll be taking a blogcation for a short time as there are some projects I'd like to get to before the gardens start calling for more attention this spring.

Besides the semi-annual task of deep cleaning and tidying closets I thought I would share some of the other things I have on my list (the fun things!)

A couple of quilt and sewing projects that have been on my list for a while.

Copious amounts of tea will be consumed. :0)

Any Cath Kidston fans out there? I am one happy fan of hers... and I have a carry-all and another small bag to stitch.

I hope to put some time into a couple of crochet projects ...

in soft colors ~ I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but this is close enough.

I was going for soft and soothing ice cream colors.
Here's the pattern I'm using for the afghan (blanket):

I found it in this older book:

As you can see it's a Granny-patch style ~

Since the smaller pieces are worked one at a time then assembled into the afghan, it's easily transportable and not bulky so it can be worked on in spare moments at home, or away.

And below is the other one I've already begun (this is a photo from the pattern) . If you know me you know I love that blue/yellow combination.

I don't expect to finish them on my time off, but I hope to make some progress!

And catching up on some (too many) books that I bought some time ago ~

Including four authored by Tessa Kiros ~ I'm ashamed to say I've had these two for a couple of years, I feel badly that I have not given them proper attention.

A mother of two young daughters, I adore her style; casual and real. The recipes are unusual and absolutely beautiful ~ I plan on cooking from them and will share some of the recipes from the books in the near future.

Beautiful, mouth-watering photos ...

Would you look at this scrumptious-looking dessert?

And these are two more, also by Ms. Kiros ~ loaded with recipes and her food memories. I usually read cookbooks from cover to cover if they are particularly interesting, and these fit into that category.

I think between cleaning, tidying and catching up with some of my fiber hobbies and maybe some painting~ I'll be happily busy, but I'll be around with the exception of a couple of day trips we have planned.

Thank you for stopping by, and your welcome comments!


  1. you will have a blast unplugged playing with all your other great talents, enjoy yourself, finding a balance for all is hard!

  2. Enjoy yourself and we'll look forward to your return. In the meantime I can visit these gorgeous photos and think of you.

  3. Enjoy - you have some great projects to work on!

  4. I just found your blog the other day. Enjoy your "blogcation" and have fun with your hobbies. I do that every so often as well. It's hard to keep up with our pasions if we are glued top the computer.

  5. wow. sounds like you are going to be busy!

    enjoy all your projects (as well as some down-time)...

    see you soon, i hope!

  6. Mari, I will surely miss your beautiful post. But it looks like you have a few creative ideas up your sleeve that I look forward to seeing upon your return.

    Enjoy your blogcation...

  7. Your pictures are making want to go home and start on projects too. Good luck and have fun on your project completion..Christine

  8. I've found your blog via another blogger's site, and I'm awed by your beautiful photos, and your creativity in your crafts. Enjoy your time off

  9. OmiGod Mari...... Ur a perfect Domestic Godess truly...everything u do ...u do in style with loads of stunning beauty....
    Am amazed by all ur stuff ,ur recipes pictures et all...
    Will miss ur posts so muc ....but will be right here waiting for u...take all the time in world ...enjoy ur fantastic teas and needle work projects...
    and enjoy ur wonderful time off ...

  10. Have fun my friend...come back renewed and refreshed...

  11. Enjoy your time off, Mari. It's soul nourishing to spend time working on projects that make us happy. I'm looking forward to seeing your afghan with all its beautiful yarns.

  12. Enjoy your time and all your lovely crafting! I {heart} that much! That is next on my list.

  13. You are a woman of many talents, Mari. And you have a lot on your plate, but it all sounds like fun! I love your sewing machine and I really love the patterns for your crocheting projects. The yarn you chose is perfect. And I like yellow and blue together too. I am doing a guest room in that combination.

    Have fun and remember to relax a bit, too!


  14. Magazine pages.. each and every photo..I will miss your posts..but totally get the need to be elsewhere than teaching us things:)

    You have been devoted to us sharing every great recipe and photo.
    I appreciate every word,every punctuation,every photo.

    Thank you soooo much..

    I'll sit here patiently(it is one of my virtues:) ) and wait to see you appear on my blogroll:)

    In the know there's no getting away from me~♥

  15. Mari I hope you have a wonderful blogcation. I just got back from a week traveling to see my kids. I can't wait for you to get back!!!!

  16. It looks like you have a million things that are going to keep you well-occupied. We'll see you when you return!

  17. Have a good time but yet a relaxing time, you will be missed.

  18. Have a great blogcation...I know when you return you will have lots of wonderful pictures of things you will have completed..will miss your posts!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  19. It is exciting that you have so many fun projects to look forward to. The afghan pattern is beautiful. I love the blue/yellow as well as the skeins you have chosen for your next one. Have fun!

  20. You even make "I'm taking a break" art with these fabulous photos! Have fun, don't stay away too long!


  21. I ADORE Tessa Kiros! Apples for Jam is one of my fave books. Have a great break, Mari!

  22. Mari, enjoy your time doing creative endeavors...your photos are a delight to look at...
    (we'll miss you!)

  23. Happy trails to you (i.e., cleanings, declutterings and projects) 'til we meet again.

  24. Hello Mari,

    I will miss your fabulous posts while you are taking your blogcation. I hope you have a great time and manage to get most, if not all, of it accomplished. I love the afghan patterns! I have some of the same books and, like you, I love to read them from cover to cover.

    Have fun!

    ~ Tracy

  25. Well enjoy your project time dear Mari. (and how long is the Blogcation going to be?) I cannot wait for Spring and getting organized... and some consistent Sun! I made the Tuscan Pork Roll and it was fab. Also did those little potato nests with smoked trout a while back and I am going to send you pics. You were so helpful! (they came out lovely too) Enjoy your time off.

  26. Mari, I sure will miss you but hipe you have FUN on your blogcation!!!! Enjoy every minute and we will look forward to seeig you again!!! XO, Pinky

  27. whoops, typo! HOPE and SEEING!!! Sorry!

  28. Enjoy your break, Mari. I look forward to seeing your completed projects...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  29. Beautiful colors for your crochet project! I love the granny square afghans for the reason you mention... they are easy to do when you're on the go. But, boy, I sure hate stitching all those things together!

  30. It looks like you're going to be a busy lady:D Enjoy all your endeavors.

    I have two of Teresa Kiros's books. I have Twelve and Apples for Jam. I'd love to know the title of the book with the paisley binder - it looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see which recipes you post:D

  31. Mari I Miss you Already!!.....but I did enjoy as usual your gorgeous photo's....and why am I not surprised that your talented in so many other areas....Don't be gone too long....You will be missed!
    Sue @ Rue Mouffetard

  32. You're leaving just as I'm coming back...

    Mari your talents are endless, enjoy this time off. Life wasn't meant to be tied to a computer, and certainly not a blog.

    I'm catching up here on the blogger
    playground, your photographs are
    as delicious as ever.

    much love.


  33. I will miss you. I LOVE your cream Featherweight. I am envious. I have a black one that I found at a junk shop for $5. I cleaned it up & bought a foot controller for it. It gets a little use, but mostly as a shelf sitter in my sewing studio.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  34. Love the granny patch blanket! I'm currently working on one thats quite similar. A pattern that I got from Attic24's blog. I love your colors...and your blog!
    Happy hobbying!

  35. Oh my beautiful friend, you have been strong in my mind and in my heart. I am delighted to see that you are to enjoy a blogcation! I shall miss your beautiful cooking and photos, but more than that I shall miss you. Til I see you again..

  36. I must say the afghan looks scrumptious. I love granny squares and those are extra charming. hmmmm

    I would love to see your progress when you get back from your break.

  37. How is your blogcation going? I do hope that you are having a wonderful break. Can't wait to hear about all your projects.

    Best wishes,
    PS I am a HUGE fan of Cath Kidston. My daughter and I spent about 1 1/2 hours in her store in Chelsea when we were there a couple of years ago.

  38. Those pictures are just spectacular... never thought a to-do list could look so good...have a great time getting it all done!

  39. Enjoy for blogcation! Sounds like you have many worthwile things to do. Will be looking for your return!

  40. Enjoy your time away! Enjoy your projects!
    And you've left us with some very beautiful photography! Thank you!
    All the best,

  41. Can I come and do all those things with you!!!? That sounds like such a wonderful time that you will have!!

  42. Mari,

    Visiting your blog always makes me smile. I always leave with one of your special little touches on my mind. You are and inspiration and a blessing to so many for sharing your talents. I continue to study your beautiful photography.
    I am already looking forward to your return.

    Hugs, Katherine S.

  43. Hi I just found your blog and became a follower:) I look forward to reading it and looking at your gorgeous pictures! Feel free to come by and check out our new food blog-The Peppered Pantry. Fellow Pacific NW blogger;)

  44. Enjoy all your projects and thank you for all the beauty you share.

    Take care,

  45. Love Cath kidston! Have family in London that send treats. I so want to learn to crochet. enjoy all your projects!

  46. Love Cath Kidston. Wish she still had shops in the US.

    Enjoy your time. We all need it.

    - The Tablescaper

  47. Can't wait until you are back! Love all the crochet colors you have in mind. Caitlin wants to learn how to crochet, so for her birthday, I bought her a little kit with a how to book.
    Being a bird lover, I really love that little bird pin :)

  48. Enjoy your break ~ sad for me that I just found your blog. Perhaps I'll just read back through your archives while you're enjoying real life.

    I have 'Apples for Jam'. I bought it because it was such a beautiful books. My favourite recipe is the Ricotta Gnocchi with Tomato Pesto. Of course, I'm sure I haven't given it the proper attention it should have received either. Perhaps I'll make that this month's new recipe focus!

  49. Hopefully, you'll have some time this Spring for a visit from your favorite brother. I, too, love your photos and your blog. I have to stay away from it, because when I visit all I can think about are all those delicious dishes.

  50. Have fun on your vacation! I love Tessa Kiros, and I have both of those first two books. I should dig them out as well.

  51. I do believe your list is longer than mine... :-)

    I, too, adore Cath Kidston and have a little bag to sew came in one of her books?... Such cute and happy things.

    Have a wonderful Blogcation!

    Warm blessings,

  52. Hi Mari..

    I'm happy to have popped in on you today...even though you are on vacation....

    you have left an abundance of treasures and goodies to feast our eyes upon here!!!

    I am your newest follower...and when you get back, i invite you on over to my blog for a visit too...

    we seem to have a lot in common! the gorgeous portable singer sewing machine....i have it in black, but I crave your white one!!! yummy!!!!!
    and I absolutely love crochet!!!

    i'm going off to explore your site some more now!
    ciao bella


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