Mardi Gras ~ Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!

Mardi Gras ! ~ Let the Good Times Roll ~

We usually make Shrimp Gumbo for dinner on Mardi Gras ...

But it generally looks the same every year ~

So I thought I would share my Mardi Gras Cookies with you this year instead.

The cookie base is just a rolled sugar cookie dough, cut with cookie cutters (see below) and iced with an egg free Royal Icing, recommended to me by my friend Monique. It's wonderful to work with and tastes very good. Merci Monique!

I used edible gold dust to paint the cookies (I used the dust in its dry form, and mixed with liquid for more defined lines.) To mix the wet paint add either a few drops of vodka or clear vanilla to moisten it.
(The dust won't adhere with water, that's why some form of clear alcohol is necessary.)

The candy "jewels"edible ~ I've listed the source below.

The edible candy jewels, edible gold dust, gold dragees and transparent edible confetti (sprinkled on the platter) are all available from:
Fancy Flours

If you are interested in the cookie cutters, you can learn more & order them
by clicking the following links:

If you celebrate Mardi Gras I hope you have a wonderful time ~
I'm envious as this is about as close to New Orleans that we'll get this year ...
Thank you for stopping by today!!


  1. Happy Mardi Gras:)!! They look festive and magical:) I think my next US shopping experience while vacationing there will include that dust thanks to you and Diane:) I am lucky enough the to have the FDL and crown:)
    I only need the expertise now:)

    I hoe we all have a great time..now till Easter~

    Big Wishes for all of us~
    You gave us a party:) Thank you:)

  2. I meant I hope:) I need spell check on Blogger!

  3. Really festive and colourful! That shade of purple is out of this world gorgeous. And the gold dust just adds a regal touch. Magnificent cookies, Mari! Happy Mardi Gras!

  4. Happy Mardi Gras, to you, too. Gumbo sounds just delightful, but these cookies are magical! I have the gold dust and jewel forms...and, I have to have the cutters. Thanks for the resource. The eggless royal icing? I need that, too...thanks to you and Monique for bringing it to us! You are are both golden jewels ;-)


  5. Mari-These cookies are unbelievable! The gold dust makes them look real and the edible "jewels"---ooohhh! I have ordered from Fancy Flours, but have never seen these. Thanks so much for sharing them. I don't know how you can bear to eat them! Happy Fat Tuesday!

  6. Beautiful! Those cookies alone are cause for celebration!

  7. Oh my gosh!!!! The cookies are just gorgeous..just totally stunning and I love them. How happy your guests will be to share them..

  8. I love this idea!!! The gals I'm associated with at my "other" blog (Real Women Eat) are planning a "Mardi Gras Tea" and I wanted to King Cake Cupcakes, but I totally love the cookie idea! The cookie cutters and (love those edible jewels!!!!) stuff wouldn't get here in time, but I'm filing this away for next year! Thanks bunches!!!

    Click here to see my new give-away!

  9. Oh my, these look magnificent!

  10. Happy Mardi Gras! Love love these fancy royal cookies, fab idea!

  11. Mari- You are so talented. The cookies are beautiful.
    I hope you had a festive Tuesday.


  12. Gorgeous looking cookies
    Happy Mardi Gras

  13. These cookies are just beautiful! To pretty to throw from a float :-)
    ~Let the good times roll~

  14. Mary, the cookies look wonderful..I would have my fill tonight as tomorrow it is fast and abstinence..and you know I don't like fish! :(

  15. Beautiful! Thanks for listing the sources.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  16. Wowwww so beautiful and lovely...

  17. once again, I am stunned and amazed by your talent. so beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  18. Mari! how enchanting...oh i love those edible jewels....so adorable and the cookies are magical with the gold dust! so so pretty Mari..tq for sharing ^^

  19. Mari,
    You are simply amazing! I love reading your blog. It's so full of fresh ideas that are very well executed and presented. And the photography...the best!

  20. Oh my gosh, since I gave birth to a PRINCESS 5 years ago, i NEED THESE COOKIE CUTTERS !!
    i love , love, love this post !!!
    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mari, you should definitely be crowned Queen of Mardi Gras! These incredible delectable cookies are truly edible art.

    Whoever is the lucky recipient of your creative work are really blessed.

  22. These take 'sugar cookie' to a whole new level! They are so beautiful!

  23. Mari, those are so beautiful! Thanks for the link to the copper cookie cutters too!

    We always forget to really celebrate Mardi Gras...We usually end up just eating up all the Valentine candy as our pig out part of the day. We give up all sweets during lent, so today it begins.

  24. Oh my, almost too beautiful to eat :)

  25. I also was going to say they look like edible art! Just amazing, as are YOU!!! Such a talent...and you share it all with US!!!! Thanks so much! XO, Pinky

  26. They look so delicious and pretty!

  27. Gorgeous! I love the candy jewels!

  28. These beautiful cookies are suitable for royalty, Mari. Painting sugar cookies is such fun, and I love the way you've used gold dust. I bought the crown cutter for my granddaughter's birthday next month. She will love these crown cookies, perfect for a little princess. Many thanks for all the inspiration and ideas.

    I agree that Monique's icing recipe is excellent. I tried several others and hers is by far the best.

  29. I am seriously sitting here with my mouth hanging open. These are stunning. I didn't know you could get edible jewels and confetti...the shapes, the gold dust...really beautiful. You work magic with your skills!


  30. Your cookies are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the links for the cookie cutters and the candied gems and for sharing your secrets to making these.


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