Chicken BLT with Chipolte Mayonnaise and Roasted Tomatoes

Do you need a "recipe" for this sandwich?
Heck no, the title tells it all.

Do you need to see a hundred pictures of this sandwich? Of course not.

But the sandwich was really delicious . . .

And the sun made a rare appearance (yay!) which compelled me to get the camera out to have some fun.
(Why yes, the sandwich is just as good when it's luke warm.) :P

No recipe needed... but here's how I put it together:
First I baked the applewood smoked bacon in a shallow pan on a rack in the oven @ 350* (F) until done to perfection. The cherry tomatoes were rolled in a bit of olive oil, salted lightly then roasted in the oven until slightly charred and beginning to pop.

To make the chicken extra flavorful I marinated it in a little fresh lemon juice, chopped fresh oregano, and olive oil for about 10 minutes before grilling.
You can purchase ready-made chipolte mayonnaise, but I just whirred some mayo with enough chipolte from the can to make it as spicy as desired... slathered it on the grilled baguette, then continued to build the sandwich with crispy romain and baby spring greens.

It was very, very good.
And the taste of it (along with the sunshine) made my mind turn to spring and summer. :D
If you try it, I hope you love it as much as we did.
Enjoy your weekend everyone! xoxo


  1. I think those are best looking sandwich photos I have ever seen~Hands down.

    Mary even the tomatoes look happy:)

  2. Why is there always something green in the background of these photos of food that make me hungry even when I'm not? Do you live in Paradise or something! You're killing me! :)

  3. Delicious!! I love the char broiled bread!


  4. I LOVE AN AWESOME!!! sandwich and this is a winner in my book. I like the idea of toasting the bread. Your photos are WONDERFUL!!!


  5. Wow, wow and tripe wow Mari. This is my kind of sandwich with chicken and chipolte.

    My husband just walked by and saw the photos and said, "Let's have that!"

    I'll be bookmarking this one. Who could refuse a request like that.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. My sandwiches are of the plain white + peanut butter variety. :( Hardly a gorgeous meal like yours, Mari.

  7. Only you could photograph a sandwich and make it look like a gourmet meal!! Beautifully done, Mari, and the sandwich sounds delicious!


  8. I will be right me some!
    Oy that is one gorgeous looking sammige!

  9. Wow the sandwich looks super delicious!

  10. So simple and yet so perfect.

  11. Fabulous and yummy yummy.....

  12. Mari, not only is this a spectacular presentation; the ingredients of this sandwich is an amazing combination of flavors & textures. Bravo!

  13. Beautiful sandwich - love the chipotle in there!

  14. Your photos need no words...just stunning!! I love chipotle on anything!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  15. Heaven have mercy, my whole being is crying out for that gorgeous sandwich. NEVER have I seen one photographed more beautifully. I want to lick the doggone screen in sheer desperation, grins.

  16. I have been craving sandwiches and this one looks excellent!!

  17. Just made this for my family and we were in sandwich heaven!
    These are so easy to make and yet the presentation is wonderful.
    Thank you for this recipe!


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