Chicken Cacciatore ~ Lidia Bastianich's

My sweet friend Cathy recently made Chicken Cacciatore .

Her beautiful photo made me long for it, and I was reminded that I hadn't made this delicious dish in a long time. A perfect, comforting meal for a chilly evening.

Yesterday, my dear girlfriend, Linda and I were discussing what we were going to have for dinner. I was just about to look through a couple of my Italian cookbooks for a Chicken Cacciatore recipe, I was looking for a version that I had not tried before.

Linda saved me the time of looking! She immediately emailed me two recipes; Sophia Loren's lighter Chicken Cacciatore (which looked great), but I didn't have any fresh basil leaves so I'll make that one another time.

The second was Lydia Bastianich's recipe from "Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen", I have the book --- but bless her heart, Linda saved me the task of looking up the recipe.

Wow, aren't Internet friends great?!

You'll want to go check out Linda's blog How to Cook a Wolf . Linda is a great cook, however, my dilemma is that I always want to make EVERYTHING she posts about. It's all fabulous.

I haven't been dissapointed in any of Lidia's recipes yet, and this one is no exception. It's a truly delicious version of Chicken Cacciatore.

I made it with all thighs, and it was excellent. It is going into the "Keeper" file immediately.

I am really looking forward to trying both Sophia Loren's, and Tyler Florences recipes, too.

A huge thank you to both Cathy and Linda for all of their inspiration.

You can find the recipe on the Once Upon a Plate Recipe Blog:

Chicken Cacciatore demands a pasta or polenta to serve with it to savor the delicious tomato-mushroom & bell pepper sauce. Stozzapreti (or Priest Choker), a toothsome, rolled, irregular sized pasta was the pasta of choice last night:

This particular brand is from Pianella, Italy. It is excellent, the pasta is extruded through bronze dies, and air dried for 56 hours before packaging. I highly recommend it.


  1. Looks fabulous! I love chicken cacciatore.

  2. Ok, so I'm not going there. You see... I want to make absolutely everything you post, and if you want to make everything she posts, I'll have to spend every waking hour in the kitchen ;)
    This looks fantastic, thanks for the tip on the pasta!

  3. Oh, Mari! That looks soooo good. I always tend to think of Italian food as comfort food, and that looks like a big hug! :) I believe I have that cookbook, too. Chicken Cacciatore is on the menu next week for sure!

  4. Looks fantastic! I live in the outskirts of Kansas City where Lidia has a restaurant and my husband and I are most anxious to try it. I will have to give you a report when that occasion occurs! In the meantime, we'll have to try this recipe to tie us over!

  5. Oh, Mari, you photo is beautiful...sigh. My recipe came from the 1963 edition of Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook with 40 years of little notes written in the margins. They all are slight variations on a theme. Isn't that funny?

  6. Looks fabulous...

  7. Thanks for your kind comments!

    And an apology to Cathy... oh dear, where in the world did I get the idea that your recipe was Tyler Florence's? I must have had him on my mind. *grin*

    I'll go correct it right now! Thanks for letting me know. xo~m.

  8. I will have too make CC again soon..I have only made Marcella Hazan' least that's who my friend said the recipe was from..But both yours and Cathy's look mouth watering..And it is good w/ polenta also.
    Polenta is not my fave compared to pasta..but w/ a lot of sauce:) It's excellent!
    beautiful Mary~

  9. Mary - Looks delicious ! IF I remember correctly, once I used one of Tylers recipes and at the time you "drooled" a little at the mention of his name!! lol

  10. Oh wow, does that ever look delicious. Really tasteful and soulful food. Thanks for sharing, it's a keeper.

  11. This looks outstanding...hard to go wrong with one of Lidia's dishes.

  12. One of my favorite dishes and this looks beautiful!


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