Lemon Drizzle Cake

First of all, I want to thank you all very, very much for the kind and much appreciated comments while I took some time off for a "blogcation".
Your comments really touched my heart!
Although I didn't get around to everything I had on my "to do list" ~ I was able to make a small dent in most of my projects. It's great to be back!
Thank you so much for following along, and I'm sending out a big welcome to all of my new followers too!

The other day I picked the remaining Meyer Lemons from the potted trees and decided to make this extra lemony and simple cake with a couple of them.
Super moist and delicious, it is fabulous with a cup of tea or coffee. Best of ALL ~ the batter is fast to blend together using the food processor. If you don't over-mix the batter (that's the key) ~ you'll produce a perfect cake with a very moist and tender crumb.

There are several versions of Lemon Drizzle Cake and this one is one of my favorites, it is from the BBC's "Saturday Women's Hour" radio program. Buttery, moist and rich, it is bursting with fresh lemony flavor.
You can find the recipe HERE. (click to link)

Traditionally the batter is usually baked in a loaf pan but I decided to bake it in a 9-inch round cake pan for a change, and reduced the baking time by about 10 minutes.
The secret to the cakes moistness is a lemon and confectioner's sugar syrup poured over the warm cake, as the cake cools the syrup is absorbed. It is utterly delicious ~ slightly tart and tangy-sweet flavor.
Incidentally, you don't need Meyer lemons ~ any fresh, juicy lemon will do.

It's a good one to remember when you want a simple little snack or dessert cake.
If you try it, I hope you love it, too.

Thank you for stopping by today!
I always enjoy reading any comments you care to share.


  1. The cake looks so good, so moist and mouth watering...Christine

  2. What a beautiful spring dessert! That syrup sounds delicious! I have been away too--computer bug :) Glad we are both back!

  3. What a lovely lemon cake. It looks fantastic.

  4. Mari, welcome back. I missed you! I was just gifted with 3 Meyer lemons. Such timing. Thanks for a great looking recipe.

  5. Too pretty to eat, but I say that about all of your goodies. Welcome back!

  6. I missed you so!
    Glad you are back and refreshed Mary!
    This cake looks TDF!

  7. Yum. This looks delicioius!. I have a similar cake that I make with an orange syrup, So I want to try this one.

  8. Welcome back Mari, hope you got a good breather and you're ready to share more tasty dishes.

    What time is coffee and cake being served?

    PS...could you please email me, I have a question to ask you.

  9. Mari, your lemon cake is stunning. Love it!
    Welcome back.

  10. What a beautiful cake - it looks so moist and tender. I could probably eat the whole thing! :P

  11. I love desserts that come together quickly and easily (although I do love triple-tiered layer cakes as well)! This looks glorious. Lemony fresh and buttery heaven.

  12. Nice to have you back-it looks delicious!


  13. I had a feeling you were back! Lemon cake looks tasty :)

  14. Good to see you back, Mari! My goodness, this is the 3rd pretty lemon cake I am seeing in 2 days - at Monique's, Jain's and now yours. It's a sign ...

  15. recently I did a similar lemon butter cake too, yours look so beautiful and yummy!

  16. A perfect cake to welcome Spring. Beautiful jonquils (sp?) as well...I picked two from my own garden today.

    Missed your blog - glad you are back.

  17. Lemon and daffodils...what a perfect picture. The cakes looks delicious Mar1!

  18. Mari,
    Welcome back. Missed your posts. This one really makes up for it. Beautiful.

  19. Bonjour Mary!Il fait si bon de te revoir avec tes jonquilles et ton beau gâteau!

  20. Looks so moist...and lemon is one of my favorite...gorgeous photos!

  21. Wowo such a moist and so so delmcious looking cake.

  22. So happy to see you back! Tha cake looks and sounds delish! I love anything lemon!!! XO, Pinky

  23. Hi Mari....welcome back and hope you had a relaxing time off....Your cake looks so tasty and moist...I like that it was baked in a round pan instead of a loaf....Will have to try this...I'm also still looking for those little canning jars to try your cherry pie....

  24. SO nice to have the amazing Mari back with fab pics and a delightfull lemony love theidea of picking lemons from the potted plants....
    happy day to u....

  25. wow che meraviglia! chissà che buona!!! complimenti!

  26. I'd forgotten about this cake, my mom used to make it. It really is good...mmm! Welcome back!

  27. Hi welcome back!!! and welcome to my blog as well....

    this cake is so simple and yet so good, i just love anything with lemony fresh flavour....! and scent for that matter...! lol

    your photos are delicious enough to eat!! soft yellow...beautiful.
    ciao bella...

  28. Beautiful photos! The cake sounds delicious! Perfect for a Spring gathering.

    ~ Tracy

  29. Love this dessert. Do you incorporate lemon verbena in any of your syrups? Have you tried lemon and basil together - it's wonderful. Look forward to your blog.

  30. I had to laugh, I had a blogcation because my computer was in the shop!! Great to be back and love the beautiful brightness of the lemon dessert... great pictures!

  31. Hi Mari!
    Wow girl, this is my first time visiting and at the same time, I'd like to welcome you back from your Blogcation!
    I must confess that while you were "out", I was enjoying each and every post of yours! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, I just couldn't stop scrolling down!!!
    Thanks for having me and I'll be back again soon, I love it here~


  32. Beautiful pictures, very moist looking cake. I love anything lemony too.

  33. Buttery cakes like this with any kind of tart flavour, passion fruit, oranges, lemon, limes tangerines are my favourite. This one looks exceptional.

  34. Welcome back...I thought of you and all of your projects while you were "resting"! It's just nice to let the mind rest and wander where it may.

    This cake is so springlike and cheery. It's sounds delightful and your pics are, as usual, the icing on the cake.

    Glad to have you back, Mary....missed your wonderful posts. Thanks for all you do.


  35. Welcome back, Mari! I love the look of this cake. Perfect with a cup of tea.

    I forgot to add to my comment on your last post before your 'cation that I met Tessa Kiros a few years ago in Siena. She had just published 'Falling Cloudberries', and I had just discovered 'Twelve'. Many of the recipes in 'Twelve' came from the folks who ran the cooking school I went to, and we had a great time comparing notes. I love the fact that it's arranged according to seasons.

    I'm glad you're back!

  36. I LUUUUVRE lemon! This looks like a delightful family treat.


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