Postcards from Home ~ March

It's been a crazy-busy week, not much time for cooking/baking anything worth sharing so I thought I'd share some postcards from around home instead.

The fruit trees are nearly all in bloom ~ filling the air with their heavenly scent.
(This one and the one below are nectarines.)

And sadly, we had to have an old, enormous pine tree removed.

I never take it lightly when a tree on the property must be removed, especially one of this stature; it was about 80 years old. However, this one was no longer thriving and perilously close to the studio out back. Still, it makes me sad.

Can you see our favorite tree-guy waaay up there? First he climbs up and ties off each huge limb, cuts it with his chain saw and lowers each one down to the crew on the ground. Into the chipper it goes to become garden material. Then he ties off and continues cutting the trunk into large logs which are lowered to the crew below;
the crew cuts them into 16" logs. After they dry and age, they'll be split for firewood.

They make it look so easy, but I'm always on pins and needles when I see this.
And I even get sweaty palms just looking at the photos. Eeeek.
He left a good "table-height" stump to which we'll add a tabletop for outdoor dining; maybe I'll feature it in an upcoming Tablescape Thursday!

Daffodils, tea, and a darling tea cozy...
(Stay tuned, there's more to come about tea cozies in the future.)
And introducing one little girl from the second batch of chicks ~
They just arrived on Tuesday.

She's an Australorp, a breed was developed in Australia in the late 1800's with Black Orpington stock from England.

No name yet... but I'm leaning towards Olivia, or Olive. :D

And she will look similar to the hen below when full grown;
black with a greenish sheen.

Photo courtesy of

The daffodils/narcissus are in full bloom ~

Some of my favorites; I love to bring some indoors to enjoy up close.

Spring showers or not ~ the flowers always add cheer to the room.

Thank you for stopping by today~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful postcards. Baby chick is so fuzzy-cute! I am looking forward to more info on the tea cozy. It is darling.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. I love your Rooster timer, very nice black, mine is white. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your lovely postcards. :) Mari, you live so close to nature!

  4. You are so ahaed of our zone gardening wise.
    You must be in 7th heaven.
    The tea cosy is aborable.. howdyoudothat?I think a photo by photo step by step tutorial would be nice..I bet you have time to do that for us? While adorable Olive watches:) A co-worker's 3 yr old grandaughter is named Olive and I have gotten to like that old fashioned name.

    Too cute Mary..You have been busy.

    Don't you admire Men In Trees? When they have come here..I have watched in awe.
    They are agile and fit and fearless.Hats off.. not them.. :)
    The jonquils are spectacular..mine are poking..
    Have a great day~

  5. Your photos are stunning, as always. It is sad to see a large tree like that have to go and all around town we've seen centuries-old trees uprooted in the last storm. One of our pines just split in half - thankfully the half that broke fell across the street, not into the house.

  6. What a very nice post, Mari. A little bit of nature everywhere!

    Your tree man is very brave. I have watched some of our old walnut trees come down and I get nervous as well and they are not even as tall as your pine. Yikes! Your property is gorgeous, by the way.

    And that chick is adorable!! Such beautiful colors. Too bad they have to grow up (!)

    Have a happy day!


  7. You have a beautiful piece of property. Sorry about the old pine tree-I know it's sad to take down a tree that old.

    btw, I think Olivia is a wonderful name for your hen.

  8. Lovely postcards! I love the chick the best! It reminded me of the ones we used to get for Easter as kids.

  9. A beautiful post, Mari. Your photos are always wonderful. Personally, I vote for "Olive."

  10. Sad to lose the tree, but your blooming trees are lovely. We're still a month or more away from any true signs of life in the gardens. I'm just a tad envious as Easter approaches.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Losing the pine tree is sad, I know. We have 4 HUGE tulip populars that we would like to take down but it is SOOOOO expensive here. over $1000.00 a tree! Geesh! Our daffodils are JUST starting to bloom and I want to go get some for the house. The nectarine blossoms are gorgeous! Wish I could grow one! Have a wonderful weekend! XO, PInky

  12. Forgot to mentin: that tea cozy is definitly THE cutest one I have ever seen! Please tell us all about it!!!!!!!!!

  13. Would love to have directions on making that tea cozy???'s adorable....and we have a dead tree on our front lawn as tall as yours only last bad storm the whole top came off so now we have the world's tallest flag pole....

  14. Hi Mari,

    What a pretty tea cozy! Hope your weekend is relaxing.


  15. what a gorgeous postcard, you are lucky to have these flowers blooming already... ITs -10C this afternoon... very cold.
    I lot your lot with all the trees and flowers... we have a big property too but still wild , we only use 5% for a vegetable garden in the summer. Very Cute bird.

  16. Mari, those pictures of the chick and the up close shots of the daffodils are so BEAUTIFUL! Love the little crochet piece too. right at this second, Caitlin is trying to teach her self how to crochet with a kit I bought her for her birthday. She is having fun trying her hand at it.

  17. you live amongst such beauty and I know you appreciate it by the loving photos you take.

    I love the blossoms on the nectarine tree.

  18. Beautiful pictures, Mari. Love that little chick - I think the name of Olive suits her :)

  19. Beautiful postcards. It's so sad loosing such a majestic tree. That little chick just looks like Olive to me.

  20. I love that tea cozy...such a charming idea.

    My neighbor has a huge pine tree bordering our property that needs to come down. Every big storm I feel as if I dodged a bullet when it doesn't fall. It's sad to see one being taken down, but such is nature.

    Now those're killing me with this. What a beautiful lady she'll be!

    Have a good week.

  21. Great pictures of the tree removal.

    Oh Mary, I thought your other chicks were cute, but this one is just so sweet.

  22. Mari, between my new job and being sick (:P), I've been remiss in visiting. You have so much going on! I'm just reading about your chick venture (!) and your 'landscaping'. The tea cozy is gorgeous (you know how I love crocheting), and I can't wait to read more about that.

    So good to touch base with you again!

  23. I adore that tea cozy...they are so hard to find and that one is so lovely...

  24. Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I didn't want to see them end. Such a sweet chicky! I luvs her.

  25. These are beautiful photos!

    I am completely jealous of the green! There is still the real threat of snow where I live.

    Thank you for sharing :)


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