Creamy Lavender-Scented Rice Pudding

Spring can be such a tease!

A string of warm, sunny days and we're ready to put winter clothes away...

But the weather in March and April is fickle where I live ~ the most welcome days of sunshine are usually interspersed with rain, and dipping temperatures overnight.

Perfect for a few more of those comforting meals and desserts before the warm weather sets in, like this old favorite ~ Rice Pudding, with a delightful lavender twist.

The method is simple; just steep a scant tablespoon of dried culinary lavender blooms in the hot milk for about 5 to 10 minutes then strain the lavender out and continue with your favorite rice pudding recipe, substituting the lavender scented milk for plain in the recipe.
I like to portion out the servings into individual size servings... but it tastes just as delicious served from a big bowl.

A pretty violet spoon with an engraved 'M' somehow seems to make it taste better ;D
(shhh! ...Not a family heirloom, it was an ebay find.)

A lavender sprig and a candy flower helps to make this lowly dessert just a little more special, too.
If you try it I hope you like it as well.
Thank you for stopping by ~ have a lovely day.


  1. Hi, I'm a big fan of rice pudding and love the sound of making it with lavender milk. Do you dry your own lavender flowers or can you use fresh cut lavender stems? I'm putting lavender (angustifolia) in my herb beds this year, so I'm looking out for lavender recipes! Caro

  2. A rice pudding most exquisite! How nice to know that lovely weather is here. :)

  3. Just love rice pudding, and lavender will be a super flavour to add. The dishes you've served it in set this little delight off a treat!

  4. I already love rice pudding and I can only imagine it would taste even better in your lovely presentation.


  5. I have been dreaming of rice pudding and husband has been requesting it and your beautiful cupful has inspired.

  6. How familiar the blue and white,..even though they are a different shape..the Fairy flower on top..and your lovely style~

    I wonder how the chicks are ?
    Ricardo is getting chickens too:) You're right up there w/ R:)

    Happy Lavender Days Mary..the spoon is toi.

  7. Mary your rice pudding looks soooooo creamy. I love rice pudding.

  8. ********** amazing ! ************

  9. OY you and the covered dishes...I love them all...
    Gorgeous Mary!
    This looks so delicious!

  10. The most beautiful cup of rice pudding I've ever seen! I haven't made this in ages... I need to!

  11. I am a big fan of lavender. Your recipe sounds great. Just the smell of lavender.....yum! Rice pudding has always been a fav of mine. I love your covered dishes. They are beautiful. Your pictures are lovely. I am so glad I stopped by today. I will be making this soon. Stop over for a visit, I am hosting an Anniversary Giveaway @ The Fajdich Times. Hope to see you soon.

  12. Your photos are amazing! I feel like fetching a spoon and digging right in.


  13. Imlove rice pudding, wish I had some for dessert tonight!!! Your bowls are beautiful too! The spoon was a great find! XO, Pinky

  14. whoops, I love rice oudding:)

  15. This post made me smile with delight! A simple and elegant dessert in such a simple and elegant serving presentation! Delight all the way!

  16. Beautiful! You are an excellent food photographer. The flower is a cute touch. I bought Herbes de Provence for the first time today and it smells amazing. I even sampled one of the little lavender buds in it.. thet can pack a powerful flavor punch!! Great post!!!! :-)

  17. I do love rice pudding, and your presentation of your is just awesome. That covered bowl is gorgeous.

  18. So beautiful and delicious...

  19. Now this is something I can make....the neighbors and friends husbands line up to eat my rice pudding...Men just seem to love rice pudding....I do add golden raisins to mine...I love your lavender touch...And Miss Daisy is adorable....

  20. I love lavender. This is gorgeous.

  21. One year I brought back with me 2 huge bags of dried lavender from our orchard in Lebanon; I still have the lavender and it is still fragrant but I haven't used it yet! (5 years later!) Thanks for giving me a perfect use for this lavender!


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