Aebelskiver (or Ebelskiver) with Lingonberry Jam

The first time I tasted Aebelskiver (Ebelskiver) was years ago while visiting the California Danish community of Solvang in Santa Barbara County where they were sold, at a walk-up window along the sidewalk. It was freshly made and piping hot with Raspberry jam and powdered sugar, with the taste and texture of a spherical pancake.

As far as I know the Danish are given credit for inventing these little delights, as well as the method of cooking the batter in the round shape.

There are a couple of variations (and spellings of the name) for the apple shaped treat, as well as recipes for the batter. They are delicious for breakfast, snacks, as well as dessert.

I like to serve them with wild Lingonberry preserves, imported from Sweden; it is less sweet than most of the Raspberry jams in this country. But you can serve them with any condiment you like, such as cinnamon cooked apples, syrup, honey, etc.

My pans are the older version, made of cast iron; I have never had a problem with the batter sticking.

They were a novelty when I bought them back then, but since Aebelskiver have had a resurgence in popularity in the past several years the pans are widely available.

To learn more :

Ebelskiver Video, recipe and description of the pan at the

Another Aebleskiver recipe (and pan) is also available at the

You can do 'google' search and find several of variations of the recipe, as well as the history of these intriguing little pancakes.

I know many of you may already be familiar with this treat. For those who haven't tried them, if you have a chance to do so, I think you will like them, too.


  1. I've been wanting the Lodge aebelskiver pan for the last year! I think I have to endulge myself this year and buy it. Your heart pan is wonderful!

  2. Looks great, Mary! Nice and puffy!

    Susan, my pan is a Lodge..21.00 at WSonoma outlet...Go for it!

  3. oh it looks delish, pour me a mimosa and scoot over please~

  4. Good morning, Mari! I've seen these but never tasted or made them. They look so tasty! You get me in so much trouble - I see things on your blog that I must make... and often need to *buy* something (e.g. Pizzelle maker! LOL). But I still love ya :)

    Have a delicious day!

  5. Mari, that is one of my father's favorite breakfasts. And he's never without lingonberry preserves.

    There's a Scandinavian store close to me that I go to send Dad some of his favorites.... lingonberry preserves, fishballs and good Swedish licorice.

    The store I go to gets many of their items from Anderson Butik in Lindsborg, Kansas. They will sell directly and for Dad's last birthday I sent him a case of fishballs. He loves them fried in butter.

    Here's a link if interested.
    Anderson Butik

    Another beautiful post ...

  6. I would actually love to try the mix Zoë (5Min Bread) talked about..
    Cause Mary..mine never look like yours:)
    You were my inspiration to buy the pan..I love it!
    Very happy with my purchase.
    Love your little heart one.

  7. Breakfast at your house looks like such a delight!

    I have memories of Solvang , stopping a few times on the drive south...I have a little Windmill ornament on my Christmas tree!

    Beautiful Mary!I could just reach in a take a bite!


  8. I saw that pan at W-S outlet and I didn't get it. I could kick myself!

    Those are gorgeous, Mary! If I had seen your pics BEFORE I went to the outlet, I wouldn't have passed on it.

  9. These look great, I haven't had aebelskivers in ages!

  10. Mari, these look so wonderful! I remember when you showed them to us last year too! Yours are so perfect looking and all of your photos leave me wishing I could reach magically into the screen for a tiny taste! Will we see the heart shapes for valentine's day?

  11. Isn't Solvang just the best little place! I want to try everything and have a hard time convincing my husband that when you're in a place like Solvang, being hungry isn't necessarily a prerequisite to eating! Ha!

  12. These look delish! I've seen the Lingonberry jam at Ikea!!

  13. I really want to get the pan and try these some day. Mari you make everything look so good!

  14. I've become a big fan of poffertjes, which are similar. Now I really want to try these! Thanks for sharing!


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