Postcard ~ From the Kitchen

Taking time for some fresh vitamin 'C' and a sip of something warm on a winter's day.


  1. Ok Miss Mari...
    Those beautiful dishes just made me swoon on this icy cold morning...
    Just gorgeous...what are they...pray tell?

  2. Only you could cut up a simple orange and make it look like a gourmet meal! What a fabulous postcard from the kitchen. Those dishes take my breath away.

  3. Stay warm! Beautiful picture!

  4. Thank you so much!

    It was an "emergency" I'e been slacking in the kitchen, nothing blooming in the garden, the light is such a challenge here at this time of year... what to do? Take a picture of a SNACK! :)

    Linda, as you can see it's Chintz, and with the exception of the jumbo mug (between he fruit and cup and saucer) it's all English, Royal Winton/Grimwades, Ltd. The pattern is Wellbeck. It's not vintage, but a reproduction set they released in 1995.

    I'll bet you could find some on ebay, or through

    The jumbo mug/gardener's mug, however, is an antique made by Lord Nelson Ware, England. The pattern is "Rose Time", from the early 1900's. (I use it as a biscotti or cheese straw holder.) :)

    Thank you for the sweet compliments! xo

  5. Mari, I love your Chintz. My grandmother brought my Mom some of that from Canada when I was born. I even know where it is! Should get it out for photos.

    Your blog is always so inspiring to me. I've given you a couple of blog awards. Check them out when you get a chance.

  6. Only you would take the time to place an orange on such a lovely sea of Chintz.

    Somewhere MS is writhing with jealousy.

  7. I always miss my Mom when looking at your blog. She would have so admired your perfect presentations. The dishes are *so* lovely.

  8. Hi Becky, how wonderful that are familiar with that Chintz pattern. Extra special that it was a gift from your grandmother to your mother when you were born~ what a great association you must have for those dishes.
    A surprise on your blog? Oh my goodness! I'll be right over. :)

    Marysol, thank you! It's always so terrific to have you stop by. xo

    Karen, how sweet that such things remind you of your dear mother. I miss my mom very much too. ((hugs))

  9. Those are beautiful plates, Mary.
    You have a wonderful collection, I love seeing them!

  10. i so enjoy how you capture it all so splendidly~


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