Mme. Monique's Cretons du Québec

My dear and delightful friend Monique introduced us to a lighter version of this spread/pate a little while ago on her wonderful blog La Table De Nana.

You'll see how cleverly she packaged her Cretons for the holidays when you go to her blog.

Monique is beautiful woman, both inside and out and a true artist at everything she does. You must go visit her blog to see what treasures await. I believe her's will become one of your favorites.

Thank you sweet Monique, for everything you do and share, but especially for your valued friendship.

I'm just going to post my photos here ~ you can find the recipe on Monique's blog. I followed her ingredients exactly, the only change I made is I also added a little of Julia Child's Spice Blend (which I posted in one of my earlier entries), and I cooked mine stovetop instead of in the microwave.

I love this little pate container, but I would be much more pleased with it if weren't for that poor little rabbit on top that met an unfortunate fate. 

But it works very well for serving the Cretons. I don't think it is the traditional way of serving, but I plucked a fresh Bay leaf from my topiary and laid it on top.

Yummie! It is delicious, and Monique's is a lightened up version, less fat. Wonderful with crackers, or on toast croutons.

And Mustard, too. It was wonderful with stone-ground Dijon.

Plenty for a party...

And a little to give away.

This is very, very good! Thank you for the keeper recipe Monique. :) I look forward to making this a holiday tradition at my house.


  1. Mari, I know all about mon ami Mme. M. and absolutely nothing about Cretons. But that's all about to change, thanks to you.

    Btw, my eyes were instantly transfixed on the bas relief container! So pretty.

  2. Mary..My cretons never looked so good.
    What a sweet sweet post.
    I am over the top flattered.
    Your little rabbit is simply resting..his stomach is full.
    A nap..In Italy between 1-3..everyone did that.
    He's Italian.
    And your paté pot is "génial".
    I hope this post gets archived for life.
    I always want to come back and read it:)

  3. i love this recipe, i am still picking away at ours from nye~ i like moniques version of an italian napping bunny, i could never see it any other way... you made pork pie look beautiful mary!

  4. I like how you garnished with a bay leaf. The container looks so unusual with the rabbit on top!

  5. What a dear post and I love the napping bunny theory. He just got tired trying to beat the tortoise to the Creton :) It's a lovely container! I must try this recipe too.

  6. What a lovely recipe and sweet presentation. I'm enjoying every one of your posts, Mari.

    Visiting Monique at La Table De Nana is always a special treat.

  7. Maybe that little rabbit is playing "possum" so the hunting dog passes him by :-) Beautiful presentation and tribute to Monique!

  8. Thank you for your comments!

    Oh, I like that thought MUCH better; the little rabbit is just napping. :) That is the way I'll think of it from now on.


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