Simply Grilled Zucchini

Simply Grilled Zucchini ~ my way

This isn't a recipe as much as a technique I use to prepare zucchini for the grill or broiler, I thought I would pass it along if anyone else might like it.

With the tip of a very sharp knife I simply cut an approximately 1/4-inch deep crosshatch design on the cut sides of the zucchini. (It's not as time consuming as it may seem, once you try it you'll be able to prepare many in a short time.)

I usually just season with salt & pepper, sometimes lemon pepper, and a sprinkle of herbs or grated Parmesean cheese, brush with olive or vegetable oil. Grill or broil cut side down first until you achieve the desired grill marks, or lightly browned here and there. Then turn and grill or broil to your liking, but don't over cook ~ the texture is best if they are a bit firm to the bite.

You'll find the zucchini cooks more evenly and quickly this way, and whatever seasoning you use will penetrate the zucchini, to make it more flavorful. These make a fine accompaniment to almost any grilled foods, or simply prepared chicken, fish, chops or steak.


  1. Mary~ We prepare zucchini on the grill all the time! I slice it lengthwise like you do, but never thought to make the crosshatch design. What a great idea. I usually make a marinade of olive oil, rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper and marinade them for a few minutes, then grill them. I look forward to trying your method next time.


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