Better Butter ~ Soft & Spreadable directly from the refrigerator

It doesn't look like much but this is a staple I always keep on hand; it solves the problem of hard butter right from the refrigerator. It's always soft and spreadable and contains 1/2 the cholesterol of whole butter. The flavor is excellent, I recommend that you try it to see what you think. It's my favorite spread for toast.

I've been making this since the mid-70's as the spread for our homemade breads. It's a variation of a recipe I first read about in one of Adelle Davis' books.

For anyone not familiar with the late Ms. Davis, she was a consulting nutritionist and a trail blazer in the "new" field of nutrition during the mid-20th century. She recommended whole unprocessed foods, avoidance of food additives. Teaching that and dietary supplements and other nutrients play a major role in maintaining good health, preventing disease, and restoring health after the onset of disease. She recommended this for the health benefits, I appreciate that, but it's also delicious!

So if you want a soft, spreadable natural butter product with excellent flavor, please give this one a try. It blends up in a matter of moments. You can use it for cooking, on cooked food for flavoring, but for baking I use regular butter.

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Butter, Oil, dry milk, salt, if desired.

Better Butter
makes about 3 1/2 cups

(You can easily halve this recipe)
1 pound butter (softened to room temperature)
2 cups oil (use a good quality, mild flavored oil, like canola)*
Big pinch of salt, or to taste (if you want unsalted butter, start with unsalted and don't add any salt)
1 1/2 teaspoons dry milk
1/2 teaspoon lecithin (helps with emulsifying, but I rarely use it, it's not necessary)
jars with lids

Note: This is best mixed in the blender (or you may use an electric mixer). I've made it in the food processor, but blender is best.

Place oil, softened butter, dry milk and salt, and lecithin in blender container and blend very well. Scrape sides of blender, and blend again for about 40 to 60 seconds. Taste for salt (some like it saltier than others.)

Pour into clean containers cover and refrigerate until firm. It will keep several weeks if kept under refrigeration, and is always soft and ready to use.

I always have stored it in these study glass French jam jars with plastic lids, so everyone in the family can identify it at once.

If you try it, I think you might like it.

With great thanks to Adelle Davis.


  1. Thanks for the Better Butter recipe ~ I'll definitely try it. And will come back to visit your blog again ~ great find (through FEEDJIT)!

  2. Thanks for sharing again, I just got done whipping up a batch... Will let you know how it goes over!

  3. This recipe does sound amazing...thanks!

  4. This is AMAZING!! Thanx a lot, I think there will be a lot of this in my fridge from now on. Would be interesting to use in cookies. Or simply to spread on the bread!!. Thanks for sharing, really!!!

  5. This is really interesting. Thank you for sharing your testimonial. I'll give it a try.

  6. Hello, Sometime, in the early 70s, I began making "better butter". We made a lot of things from Adele Davis', "Let's Eat Right...". We are much healthier today because of it and so are my forty year-old children.

    I didn't have a name for that butter, but my family loved it. Somewhere along the time line, I quit making it and now, thanks to you, I will start again.
    Orinda Spence

  7. Orinda, thank you so much for your message. I'm so happy you will begin making this spread again. I find it difficult going back to full-butter anymore.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  8. Mari, I made this while the kids were here visiting from NY. We used it on toast and loved it! This will be a new staple at my house. Thanks! (I even found the French jam jars - I love them, too!)


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