Ginger Scented Carrot Soup with Fennel Garnish

This is one of those recipes which you can make out of very few ingredients, when it seems as if there is nothing in the pantry or refrigerator.

I simply put it together as follows: Cook peeled, thickly sliced carrot in chicken broth and a little water until very tender. During the last few minutes I add a couple of chunks of fresh ginger, not leaving it in the pot too long or the ginger flavor becomes too pronounced. (If you have fennel on hand you can add a couple of thin slices when you add the ginger, as well for flavor. Remove fennel when you remove the ginger.)

Remove the ginger and puree the carrots adding more broth or water as necessary. Enrich with milk if desired (buttermilk, low fat, or whole milk, with a couple of splashes of cream if desired.) If you are feeling decadent, stir in a spoonful of soft butter.

Blend well and heat until hot, taste for seasonings.

Garnish with a sprig of fennel green, or sprinkle with dill.

A bright,cheery soup for crisp weather!

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