Postcard ~ Around Home

Just around the bend from my house~

The terrain in this area varies widely from the thickly wooded mountains to enormous wide open spaces like this one, where cattle are brought to graze most of the year from early Spring to late Fall.

It's a view I never tire of, and just far away enough so there is no odor "drift"!

In spring there appear to be as many cute little calves as there are mature cows.

By this time of year the 'calves' are nearly as large as their mothers.

And this is one of my dogs, an Aussie mix, sporting his cool summer haircut. This guy loves to have a task to do, he LIVES for the opportunity to run over to help herd those cows.

The little dickens.


  1. Little dickens is so cute! They look so young after a clipping..wish the same held true for me:)

    I am fortunate also and have similar vistas close by:)

    Beautiful Mary..thanks for sharing~

  2. Little dickens is beautiful Mary! What a SWEET face.

    Hello from Kiki :-)

  3. just adorable, and smart too!

  4. Monique, it does remind me of some of the beautiful photos you've shared.

    Debbie, it's good to see you here~ Hi to Kiki, too!

    Jain, sometimes too smart for their own good. I know you know! :)


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